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Boomerang Effect

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., also known as "Bongbong", is the frontrunner who is most likely to win the 2022 Philippine presidential election. His father and former brutal dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was overthrown by a popular uprising in 1986.

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Great to be informed of such important information. Good luck, Zach. The next chapter for your country seems not easy with their existence on the top.

Same answer to the question: Why did Americans elected Trump back in 2016?

It's because of massive disinformation, Areziq. Marcoses plunged Philippines to extreme debt and poverty when they left in 1986. But unlike Germany with their WWII past, Philippine government didn't do enough to prevent it. Marcoses flew to Hawaii and they didn't let the Philippine to try them on court. Crazy thing is they were allowed to go back in Philippines in 1992. They ran first for local government positions until the Marcoses got national positions. Their massive disinformation led to majority of Filipinos think that the dark chapter in Philippines was a 'golden age' and time for prosperity. This is an ultimate tragedy to our democracy here.

All of Filipino cartoonists here in the Cartoon Movement weren't brainwashed by their fake news machinery, don't worry. We will continue to fight disinfomation and tyranny through making cartoons :(

I do not get why he was elected, Zach. Do people really want this family back or what?

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