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Air Strike

I Stand in Solidarity With the Palestinian People ... and hope that every last Hamas, Fatah, Martyr's Brigade, Islamic Jihad and PLO terrorist in Gaza and the West Bank is annihilated so that Israeli's and Palestinians can have a chance to work together towards a lasting peace.

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Pete, when you are forcibly removing people from their homes and their lands that they have lived in for centuries, that is not "self-determination"; that is invasion, that is bullying, that is stealing.

Also, what is "self-determination"? Is it the right to live in their own land? Well, isn't that exactly what right the Israeli government is taking from the Palestinian people that you "stand in solidarity" with?

It is not being "woke" (as you put it). It is being neutral and seeing that it is a far more complex issue than "the Muslims are bad, let's only blame the Muslims". It is of help at all to the Middle East if only the Muslims (and, by extension, the Palestinian people) are blamed and held responsible. The Israeli government also needs to be held accountable for their actions. There will be no peace in the Middle East while both sides - BOTH SDES - resort to violence as the primary means to an end.

PS Calling someone "woke" because they disagree with you is not constructive either. The reason I comment on your work is because it challenges me. You are far more intelligent than to resort to calling people cliched (supposed-)insults. I am happy to discuss issues with you, but let's keep it rational.

Broke: Believing everyone has a right to self-determination
Woke: Believing everyone has the right to self-determination except for Israel

I could not say it better, barefoot kiwi.

I'm glad that you "Stand in Solidarity", but it is not just Hamas, Fatah, Martyr's Brigade, Islamic Jihad and the PLO to blame. The Israeli government also has to take alot of the blame, not least for their forced eviction of Palestinian civilians to make Jewish settlements, which also helped start this current conflict. There are multiple other issues (on both sides) but that is a major one.

Stop blaming only the Muslims. One-sided blame is not accurate or helpful.

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