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AI Art

AI art has the potential to transform the industry, not necessarily for the better.

- Use in a business presentation.
- Use in the classroom.
- Use on personal website/blog.
- Use on non-profit website/newsletter.
- All licenses include the right to publish on social media channels.
- Free custom video slideshow when you purchase four cartoons or more.

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I do remember when (it wasn't long time ago) the digital medium (drawing with a computer) was seen as anathema ... by a large majority of ... us!
and here we are again!

Sorry if I take advantage of this space, but this cartoon give me the opportunity to make some considerations. I agree with you Tjeerd, but as you have written in various articles, there is also the tendency to not consider political cartoons so important for newspapers and magazine sometimes. For example in Italy the space for political or editorial cartoons has become smaller over time due also to the press crisis (newspapers are loosing readers constantly…) and for editorial decisions. The old newspapers are in crisis and have their historical and sometimes old cartoonists and do not have space or intention to give new cartoonists a chance.
I think also that you at CM made a great and hardly work to promote cartoonist and give voice to the voiceless artists, but probably we all need to rethink the entire system of selling cartoons trough the internet and trough platforms as CM because the results are not so satisfying (even if we all are here not mostly for the money…) ;)

Yes, it's a worrying development, but one that is unstoppable I'm afraid. If do kind of hope that we political cartoonists are not as easily replaced. AI might be able to a good job producing generic illustrations. It might even do a decent job coming up with comic narratives. But will it be able to produce sharp visual political satire?

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