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Ah S**t

The Biden administration carried out a well thought out, surgical retaliatory campaign on Iran-backed militias involved in over 100 attacks and 3 deaths on USA forces. The move was also a way of reminding the world and our adversaries of our capabilities… bombers were flow from US soil to carry this out.
No surprise republican chicken hawks and Neo cons think we should go into Iran guns a blazing… forget about the prospect of widening the Middle East conflict which is the very last thing this administration wants.

Talk is cheap when you aren’t in the room making the decisions.

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Remember the United State has existed for just 240 years, and only 16 of them have not been at war. They have built 800 military bases around the world and are the instigators of most conflicts. Wherever the American military goes, people suffer everywhere including themselves. They deserve ever thing they get as they have never won a war only against themselves....

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