The dawn of the Age of Aquarius.
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Age of Aquarius

According to some astrologers, these days we enter the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.
Unfortunately, we are just entering the age of Aquarius. Each of these eras lasts for about 2160 years and unfortunately, like everything, has its own transitional period, which is in principle the worst, because in that period extreme things happen in both eras ( previous eras of fish ). According to some, the era of Aquarius began in the fifteenth century ( Renaissance period 1450 - 1600 ), according to others, around 1930 ( the period of fascism - it should not be forgotten that Hitler was elected, according to the magazine "TIME", for the person of 1938 and not without reason his story of "Millennium Reich"! ), by the third, around 1968 ( hippie movement, "Flower Power" ), but it seems to have probably started around 1908 ( the flourishing of occultism, magic and enlightenment ) Well, now, who survive this transition period, he will really enjoy it. Therefore, in Serbian: "Pamet u glavu i dupe uz zid!" HAHAHA, ..

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