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21st Century Hitler Awakens

Hamas and their supporters idolise Adolf Hitler because he was the architect behind the genocide of Jewish people and they want to finish what Hitler started. Yet they schizophrenically call Netanyahu "Hitler" as a slur, but that's a whole other story.

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You're welcome, I defend democracies against fascists, racists and uneducated people all over the world. Because assholes who are wolves disguise themselves as lambs thinks we are blind and that we cannot see their brown shirts. A.M

Hugo, his brain is in his pants, that's why his messages with cartoons are so bad, I have a cartoon of netanyahu which the mustash looks better on him. A.M

Mirroring the real truth. Jewish supremacists, playing the role of victim while they victimise everyone on the planet.... BTW Kack Zionist cartoon copy.

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