VJM Foundation

The Foundation

Cartoon Movement operates with the support of a foundation named VJ Movement Foundation, a Public Benefit Institution (Dutch: ANBI); The related fiscal number is 8206 71 174.

The Foundation's purpose is to promote quality journalism and everything related thereto in the broadest sense of the word (Article 2.1 of the Establishment of the Foundation Rep no.1610, April 7, 2009).

The Foundation is based in Amsterdam and can be contacted via email at cartoons@cartoonmovement.com


The foundation achieves its goal in general by (Article 2.2):

  • Providing journalistic knowledge and expertise, in both material and immaterial ways;

  • Encouraging and maintaining contacts with journalists, partners, potential sponsors, and grant providers.;

  • Promoting the journalistic debate and the debate about journalism.


The financial resources of the foundation consist in general of (Article 2.3):

  • Income and revenues obtained by the foundation from its activities and the operation of its assets;

  • Donations;

  • Grants and sponsorships;

  • Acquisitions through bequest, legacy, gift, or donation.

The assets are managed and spent in line with the foundation's stated purpose. The board records the financial state in a financial annual report (Article 13). The administration, annual accounts, and report are compiled by a third party and deposited at the Chamber of Commerce.


The current board of the foundation consists of:

  • Mr. Arend Jan van den Beld, Chairman

  • Mr. Tjeerd Royaards, Treasurer and Secretary

The board members are appointed for an indefinite period (Article 4.4) and do not  receive a remuneration.


Report 2022 - 2023

The standard activities are:

  • Maintaining and expanding the global network of cartoonists;

  • Managing and maintaining the publishing platform;

  • Administration.

The 2022-2023 activities are:



The financial statements for the year 2022 are executed and deposited to the Chamber of Commerce according to standards. The balance sheet with income and expenses, can be viewed through this link. The result can be explained as follows:

The gross profit for 2022 amounts to a positive of 6.420 euro. In 2021 it was a negative of 30.889 euro. The net profit for 2022 is 5.705 euro. In 2021 the result was a negative 33.383 euro. Overall, there is an increase of 39.088 euro.