• Cartoon Movement Shop

    Cartoon Movement Shop

    In 2017 we received funding from the Google Digital Media Initiative. We used this to extend our website, with a focus on creating an innovate and sustainable way to generate revenue from editorial cartoons, resulting in the Cartoon Movement Shop.

    08 Apr 2018
  • Vertical Farming

    Vertical Farming

    We are developing an interactive comic for an educational project about vertical farming. One of the major challenges of the 21st century is the need to feed a growing world population. As demand for food will soon outstrip the supply, we need to rethink how we grow and produce food. Vertical farming is one possible solution to grow food safely and efficiently. The comic is made together with high school students. They were involved in the creation of the storyboard, providing crucial feedback to create a story that will resonate with the target group, school students aged 13 to 16.

    08 Jan 2018
  • Cartoon Competition: The Art of Resistance

    Cartoon Competition: The Art of Resistance

    We're inviting cartoonists from around the globe to send in their work for a new international cartoon competition and exhibition with the theme resistance. Send in your work to cartoons@cartoonmovement.com.

    07 Dec 2017
  • Perspectives on Freedom 2018

    Perspectives on Freedom 2018

    Since 2011, we have produced cartoons for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands every year. These cartoons are about freedom and are related to May 5th, Liberation Day. 2018 is the year of resistance.

    06 Dec 2017
  • How to Build Sustainable Peace?

    How to Build Sustainable Peace?

    To prevent conflict we should look at its root causes. Some say water is the major source of conflict, with droughts as well as floods making large parts of the world uninhabitable. Others point to large scale migration or religious ideology as most likely sources of strife. In this competition, we’re asking you to think of the root causes of conflict in your part of the world, and more importantly, to come up with solutions to prevent or peacefully resolve conflict.

    20 Sep 2017
  • 7 Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade

    7 Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade

    The global arms trade is suffused with corruption, imperils the vulnerable and makes us all less safe. Yet arms merchants and their government supporters can turn to a set of time-honed and well-packaged arguments to justify the status quo. Each one of the claims is either deeply questionable or simply untrue. The arms business needs to be undressed. Then, we will find its claims are indefensible; nothing more than myths. With Project Indefensible, the World Peace Foundation debunks the seven core myths that the arms industry uses to deflect criticism and explains what can be done. Our cartoonists were asked to illustrate the seven myths.

    09 Mar 2017
  • Perspectives on Freedom 2017

    Perspectives on Freedom 2017

    Since 2011, we have produced cartoons for the National 4 and 5 May Committee in the Netherlands every year. These cartoons are about freedom and are related to May 5th, Liberation Day. In 2017, the theme is The Power of the Personal Story.

    06 Feb 2017
  • Picture it in Migration

    Picture it in Migration

    Those who are forced to leave their country experience a difficult journey full of challenges. These challenges are compounded by an inability to communicate with locals. With Femke Hofstee-van der Meulen, we developed a picture dictionary for foreign nationals to overcome the language obstacle.

    23 Dec 2016
  •  Summit for Refugees and Migrants

    Summit for Refugees and Migrants

    On September 19 and 20, 2016, the UN General Assembly hosted a high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach.

    05 Oct 2016
  • Support Eaten Fish

    Support Eaten Fish

    Eaten Fish is the pen name of a 24-year old Iranian cartoonist currently interned in the notorious Manus Island immigration detention camp in Papua New Guinea. The camp is funded and overseen by the government of Australia. He is the recipient of this year’s Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award.

    30 Sep 2016
  • Benjamin Netanyahu

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    On 6 September 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Netherlands. For The Rights Forum, a Dutch NGO striving for a rights-based policy of the Netherlands and the European Union with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we created a series of caricatures of Netanyahu.

    14 Sep 2016
  • Building Peace in the 21st Century

    Building Peace in the 21st Century

    Between 2014 and 2016, the Peace and Justice Project (a joint effort of Cartoon Movement and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands) reached out to over 4,000 students in more than 40 countries, from Afghanistan to Rwanda, and from Russia to New Zealand, with one question: How do we build peace in the 21st century?

    31 Aug 2016
  • Refugee Buddy App

    Refugee Buddy App

    Cartoon Movement has contributed to an app for refugees, developed by the Red Cross. The app provides up to date and relevant information to refugees and asylum seekers in The Netherlands and Canada.

    02 Jun 2016
  • Drawing for Freedom

    Drawing for Freedom

    Editorial cartoons cannot exist without freedom. Cartoonists use freedom to mock those in power and to address the wrongs in society. Here at Cartoon Movement, we also believe that freedom cannot exist without cartoons. Or at least, that cartoons contribute to freedom. In April 2016, we partnered with Dutch NGO Switch in organizing a cartoon competition for students from 12 to 21 years old. The competition challenged the students to make a cartoon about one the four freedoms of President Roosevelt.

    31 May 2016
  • South Sudan Comics

    South Sudan Comics

    Together with the Justice and Security Research Programme at the London School of Economics and the World Peace Foundation (part of Tufts University) we have produced a series of comics that explain the situation in South Sudan.

    20 Apr 2016