Partnership – Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Comics journalism and social justice meet in Jessica Colotl: Eye of the Storm, a comic created in a partnership between Cartoon Movement and the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

Jessica Colotl is an undocumented immigrant who was brought to America as a child – and now faces deportation. Reporter Ryan Schill and artist Greg Scott bring to life the story that has become a flash point for America's immigration debate. The comic is available in both English and Spanish.

In the partnership, provided the reporter and the subject. Cartoon Movement provided the artist and the expertise to turn Ryan Schill's script into a compelling and engaging visual story.

"Seeing the story through Jessica's eyes adds a powerful new dimension to the immigration debate," said Ryan Schill, the comic's writer and the assistant editor of "It's a reminder that real people are at the heart of the issue – that immigration is not just some abstract concept to be argued about in Congress and on Sunday talk shows."

Leonard Witt, publisher of and Youth Today, said, “We are all about reporting on youth justice issues; so, need to reach the crucial 13-to-25-year-old demographic. Comics journalism is the perfect medium for that audience. But I also know from reading work in that field, it’s a great way to inform folks of all ages. Read the Jessica Colotl piece, you will see what I mean.”

Interview with Ryan Schill and Jessica Colotl (in Spanish) - Telemundo

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