The Politics of Return

The Politics of Return is a research project of the London School of Economics exploring the dynamics of return and reintegration of refugees in Central and Eastern Africa.

In 2015, the United Nations Refugee agency (UNCHR) reported that world-wide displacement hit an 'all time high' as conflict-related violence and persecution increased and threat environments become more diffuse and complex.

Quite shockingly, it was calculated that today, one in every 122 people is either a refugee, displaced or seeking asylum. Across huge swathes of the globe, people are uprooted as they try to negotiate profoundly difficult conflict circumstances, involving not only state armies, but non-state armed groups, criminal gangs, drug traffickers, and jihadists. To make matters more complex, individuals often occupy ambiguous victim-perpetrator statuses, moving between combatant and civilian roles, either through coercion or through choice.

Cartoon Movement has contributed to this project by producing comics based on field research in the Central African Republic and Uganda.