Partnership – London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is undertaking a six-year research project on governance, security and justice in conflict-affected areas. The Cartoon Movement will support the academic research with editorial cartoons, using our global network of cartoonists to come up with powerful visuals on six themes: Gender, Security, Conflict Resolution, Resources, Transitional Justice and Information

These themes all have their own subroom within our main newsroom. Cartoon Movement will contribute 50 cartoons to the research project each year. This means we'll pick a cartoon from one of the LSE-subroom almost every week, which will be published on Cartoon Movement and be used to support the academic research done by LSE. You can help us decide which cartoons we should select by voting for the best submissions in our newsroom.

In addition to the cartoons, we also created comics journalism for this project. Under the tab 'comics' you will find an interactive comic about the International Criminal Court, created by Dan Archer.

From January 23 until February 17, 2012, the London School of Economics hosted a Cartoon Movement exhibition of the cartoons made for this project so far, titled: Justice and Security: There is More Than One Truth

A selection of the cartoons was also published by the Guardian.