South Sudan Comics

Together with the Justice and Security Research Programme at the London School of Economics and the World Peace Foundation (part of Tufts University) we have produced a series of comics that explain the situation in South Sudan.

The first comic, South Sudan: Who Got What, explains how South Sudan was bankrupt and at war within just three years after independence.

South Sudan: The Price of War, The Price of Peace, the second comic, focuses on the effort to bring peace to South Sudan, and how the peace talks are used by the country's elite to enrich themselves.

Comic no 3., Seeking Justice in South Sudan, s a case study of a neighborhood in Juba, South Sudan, that shows how ordinary citizens struggle to find justice. If institutions of law and order are weak, they can bend to the will of men with money and guns.

Comics 1 and 2 is written by renowned South Sudan expert Alex de Waal; comic three is written by Rachel Ibreck, Godfrey Bulla and Alex de Waal. All the comics are drawn by Kenyan comic artist Victor Ndula.

In January 2017, the LSE hosted an exhibition of the comics.