There is More Than One Truth – Travelling Exhibition

The Cartoon Movement is dedicated to promoting high quality journalism around the world, especially in those places where a free press is not a given. We believe in the power of political cartoons, as these are a strong indicator of the level of press freedom in a country. Cartoon Movement has brought together the best cartoons on press freedom in an exhibition titled 'There is more than one truth'.

The cartoons in the exhibition show a range of different perspectives on press freedom, made by top cartoonists, including winners of prestigious awards such as The United Nations Correspondents Association Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award (Alfredo Sábat, Popa Matumula) and World Press Cartoon (Osmani Simanca, Rainer Ehrt). These artists live and work in places like Sudan, Palestine, Colombia and Mexico, and their background is reflected in their work.

The exhibition premiered in 2010 in Amsterdam (being the first international political cartoon exhibition ever to be held here), and has since travelled to Peru and Qatar.