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Only three years remain for the world to reach the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. How close are we to achieving them? Hundreds of high school students from the Netherlands joined forces with over 100 editorial cartoonists from around the globe to shed their light on this question.

In cooperation with the NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development), Cartoon Movement financed and ran a project for 300 secondary school students. The aim of the project was to provide students with different perspectives on European Development Policy and Millennium Development Goals via political cartoons.

In close cooperation with the students the cartoonists worked on cartoons via a digital newsroom that was built especially for this project. Here the students had direct contact with the cartoonists, pitched their own ideas, commented and voted for the sketches.

The project focused on the following topics: environment & natural resources, water, energy, governance, democracy & human rights and human development. Students and cartoonists came up with over 300 ideas for cartoons about these themes. Out of all these ideas, the best 98 were picked to be published in a thought provoking book.

Under the tab 'Video' you can see a slideshow of all the sketches by students, and the cartoons based on those sketches.

Through this project, Cartoon Movement wants to encourage students to open their minds to other perspectives. We believe that an understanding of the principle of 'there is more than one truth' leads to a better understanding of the world. Besides, they discussed events as they happened; they broadened their horizons and developed their language skills along the way.

The book There is More Than One Truth - Kids & Cartoonists can be ordered for 25 euro (+ shipping). To order, send us an email.