Good one. Insightful.

08 Mar 2012

He he. Good one

02 Mar 2012

Nice one! Unfortunately Belarus doesn't get a lot of attention in the mainstream media.

02 Mar 2012

Nice one

15 Feb 2012

Like this one.

15 Feb 2012

This is very clever. Lol!

15 Feb 2012

Hm, what's the point?

12 Jan 2012

Congrats! Happy birthday!

15 Dec 2011

> all these points in your last comment make a much more valid case than the one depict in the cartoon's text :-)

Exactly. I am not an expert on Michael Moore but even if this guy is a hypocrite the cartoon doesn't not depict it very well.

16 Nov 2011

What is this about? did I miss some news? Nice drawing btw.

12 Oct 2011

I like this one. Good thinking

07 Oct 2011

> Wait a couple of years and that "Apple" will turn into a grenade with most of its talent from the company will disband and will try to start something on their own... bigger and better.

Job already was away from Apple for several years in the past, but most talent stayed in Apple during that time.

07 Oct 2011

I love this. Genius. Added to my favourites.

28 Sep 2011

They say nuclear technology gets safer and safer, but nuclear disasters keep happening.

20 Sep 2011

Exactly. Good cartoon.

08 Sep 2011

Ha ha, good one.

08 Sep 2011

Good one. I like this perspective.

19 Aug 2011


05 Aug 2011

Great cartoon. Like your drawing style

02 Aug 2011

Good one!

19 Jul 2011