Well Nemo ,would vote for you again but not Kosher...For the rest bring some more ...Coming from a non cartoonist, but from a dude that likes to observe social situation,your work does the job...cheers...for you and the rest of your group .Danke

21 Dec 2018

Well there is a tax for the holiday season, hopefully you don't have to pay the double whammy one.....nice NEMO

20 Dec 2018

nice Nemo, our worst enemy is Noise

03 Oct 2018

Good job ,once again Nemo. I have seen this guy a few times (not friends but same hood). So this guy is really good ( managed to draw old style a picture of my girlfriend and me in what less then 7 minutes).

01 Oct 2018

great work again Nemo

20 Sep 2018

once again great work Nemo

19 Sep 2018

Nice job Nemo

18 Sep 2018


25 Aug 2018

Excellent !

12 Jul 2018


22 May 2018