Omar’s language was so offensive, House Democrats released a rare joint statement in which they called upon the lawmaker to apologize for her “deeply offensive” remarks.

“…Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments,” they wrote.

Congratulations, Greenberg, you hate Trump so much you attack the guy for exposing an anti-semite and an anti-american representtative,, a bigot a racist, by making him the nazi-racist-kkk. How can a congresswoman represent a country she keeps showing contempt for? Therefore: if you don't like your host country, you can leave... is not racist.

The squad also associates with Fara Khan, another bigot hater.

20 Jul 2019

ICE is not going after refugees (who have a legal status), but illegals (who illegally crossed the border).

If Trump is a bad person, a Nazi for that as most cartoonist here seem to pretend, so is Obama... ICE was in charge of doing the same job then.

Can you land in Dubai, Australia, Japan and stay without documents? Are they bad monsters, Nazis for that too?

Let`s have over 1 million illegals get in Greece every year, see how fast you can build cities and infrastructure for them... And become financially overwhelmed when you already are in serious debt trouble.

You`re not the only one repeating this falsehood here. I suggest you verify that info for yourself instead of believing first.

19 Jul 2019

Nice moves, for a guy with a cosmo suit

19 Jul 2019

Refugees go to ports of entry. Illegals cross borders without permission. Media are deliberately confusing both. Going after undocumented illegals is not like going after refugees with a staying legal status.

19 Jul 2019

good one

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17 Jul 2019

I recognise the guy on the cactus, my uncle Gustavo!

16 Jul 2019

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16 Jul 2019

Yes. Is it Gruyere?

16 Jul 2019

Pelosi was called a racist by AOC last week, ha ha!

16 Jul 2019

nice hair

16 Jul 2019

Well Nemo ,would vote for you again but not Kosher...For the rest bring some more ...Coming from a non cartoonist, but from a dude that likes to observe social situation,your work does the job...cheers...for you and the rest of your group .Danke

21 Dec 2018

Well there is a tax for the holiday season, hopefully you don't have to pay the double whammy one.....nice NEMO

20 Dec 2018

nice Nemo, our worst enemy is Noise

03 Oct 2018

Good job ,once again Nemo. I have seen this guy a few times (not friends but same hood). So this guy is really good ( managed to draw old style a picture of my girlfriend and me in what less then 7 minutes).

01 Oct 2018

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