True and very funny! Reality seldom isn't.

09 Jul 2015

Let's all make one, dear cartoonists!

07 Jan 2015

He'll make it thrue them! No doubt.

24 Nov 2014

This one i like ; )

24 Nov 2014

I happen to disagree completely, just as half of the world does ( and i'm not even an Arab), but thats okay.

24 Nov 2014

And why should we think Iran isn't allowed to have a nuclear program when for Israel it's no problem at all? We are raised to think politically correct from the cradle to the grave. Sorry, this is boring.

23 Nov 2014

Simple and good!

07 Nov 2014

Sorry, but exactly what is he scraping of his footsoul?

03 Nov 2014

The EU was built on blood from the French Revolution on. It's hard for me to find it all that great.

28 May 2014

What has this got to do with Van Gogh??

18 Nov 2013

So? Darwin is just a hoax you know.

18 Nov 2013