Haha, funny and true

16 Oct 2019

funny, those pervert dwarves!

29 Aug 2019

Too few seem to know

02 Aug 2019


02 Aug 2019


20 Jul 2019

The cool dude is back, haha

21 Sep 2018

Ramses, Pete, Enrico, Antonio, thanks, it feels nice to see your names too on this one.

11 Sep 2018

:D haha, very funny

06 Sep 2018

Haha, this little controversy just helped you make the selection, you should thank your "trolls"

06 Sep 2018

; scatologic insults.Compare what you say last:
My point of view is 63 millions of americans did vote for an asshole. What does that vote turns them into ?
With what you said first:
"I don't insult anyone accept Trump's brain which every decision seems to have came like a fart,"
See, I'm not a troll, I just helped you say what you really think: scatologic insults, like in your image.
I'll leave you there, I won't come close to you anymore, don't worry.

05 Sep 2018

I'm not a troll. I'm just trying to bring you some measure and reason... French people used to like that.

So, 63 milion people were manipulated... by a few russian facebook adds reaching 200 000 people, that's your theory to change 63 million votes the wrong way? Haha! That's insulting not only the voters but the admitted facts by your side of "real" news.

Because Hillary was obviously such a better a choice. Everyone hates her, except for her fan club, Hollywood, Weinstein and the fake TV media. Trump pays his mistresses, Bill rapes them. Fact: Hillary couldn't fill a college gymnasium.

European leaders promise more terrorism, if you call that respecting the office... Macron is a little dictator, he limits the press access, France was I believe ranked 35th after Salvador in freedom of press in 2016, your media are mostly helped with state subsidies, Le Monde 75%, but you believe you are less manipulated?

By the way, PEK seems to have come up with that brain-bowel concept months ago:

05 Sep 2018

So, you insult 63 million people?
The guy puts the econmy back and he's an ass. He refused to invade Syria and he's an ass. Obama was a disaster, never had a single day of peace, created new wars... If Trump is that bad, what was Obama? Can you do the same with Obama?
What kind of brain has been elected in France in the last decades?

05 Sep 2018

488 000 pages, that's more that the last 5 nominees combined for the Supreme court. I'm afraid that's more fake news.

04 Sep 2018

480 000 pages of docuents about him, all his cases, over 300 opinions is nothing?
No nominee has been asked that much before...

04 Sep 2018

By cancelling the contest he acts in a reasonable and responsible way.
He doesn't need any deaths. Like him or not, the death threats were enough to prove his point.

A similar contest in Texas created the same reaction a couple years ago. A crazy armed radical was stopped and killed before he could get in and do any arm...

The public knows anyway.

01 Sep 2018


29 Aug 2018

Gloryfying terrorism, killing female relatives + a woman on the street, that looks quite psychiatric.
The problem is that all these guys have been flagged, but are let to go through...

(great concept cartoon)

25 Aug 2018

Quite a leggy lady :)
(It almost doesn't need the caption)

25 Aug 2018

("You Suck... Berg" and the Poopi emoji)

11 Aug 2018

Classy answer, almost, by the end, not so classy.
The fact that the media cut his quotes from "Fake news media are the enemy of the people" or "Dishonest media" to "Media are the enemy of the people" should tell you who the bigger liars are.
You can verify what he really says in video or in his twitts.
If you prefer the edited versions from the media...

31 Jul 2018