Thank you, gracias, grazie!

26 Oct 2017

Thank you, both of you. Hello Ramses!

26 Oct 2017

Hello Ramses. Yes, the cartoons about international issues. To be honest, the election day I had to change the place of the heads... We still can't believe the result.

10 Nov 2016

Thanks everybody!

24 Oct 2016

We can't say it's pretty...

22 Oct 2015

Thanks Tjeerd.

22 Oct 2015

I was wondering if you were still here. So yes you are!

21 Oct 2015


10 Mar 2014

Holà Ramses. I forgot that vote thing here. Gracias anyway. See you in few weeks...

13 Dec 2013

Hello Ramses, Glad to see that you're still so productive!
I would be happy to get in touch with you to share an idea :

31 May 2013

I love it.
I would have write Rust in peace.

15 Apr 2013


13 Apr 2013

Nice! Well... Nicely horrible.
I like your use of the ground photo.

25 Mar 2013

Very good.

24 Mar 2013

...And where the hell are these weapons of mass destruction? I remeber : Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

23 Mar 2013

There is more than one truth! What else to say! :-)

23 Mar 2013

An other possible title : The sermonizers!
Simple, without words and very effective!

22 Mar 2013

A punch in the good Christian thought. Bravo!

22 Mar 2013

I expected a better reception for that one. Too bad! A discussion forum could be pleasant to discuss between us in another optics than to see our drawings chosen. Just an idea!

22 Mar 2013