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15 Dec 2018

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13 Dec 2018

Beautiful illustration and thought, my vote

09 Dec 2018

@Nemo. It has been building up for some time now. We have beef eaters and beef haters. Some regard cow as holy and want other parts of India to tow the line. Besides cow vigilante often use this cover to sort personal matters.
With upcoming elections this polarity is being brought up for political mileage.

08 Dec 2018

Smart one Enrico.

07 Dec 2018

THis is a good one.

07 Dec 2018

Good one Pete

07 Dec 2018

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05 Dec 2018

Our Delhi has more pollution than all 115 cities combined.

04 Dec 2018

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04 Dec 2018

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04 Dec 2018

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04 Dec 2018

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03 Dec 2018

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02 Dec 2018

Cat will sit at a door pondering whether to go out or not and one cant shut the door. Dog's have their priorities straight. Hence kept a cat.

28 Nov 2018

Loved the universality of it, esp the finickyness about British hi tea

26 Nov 2018

The details implied are amazing. My vote

22 Nov 2018

Loved the symbolism, my vote.

20 Nov 2018

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05 Nov 2018