I hope it doesn't happen

17 Dec 2017

I agre; a lot of people can't understand

13 Feb 2017

Gianfranc: hai messo il commento in italiano ....


26 Jan 2015

And in Genoa (Italy) also:

"culatello di Zibello": a cured meat with a protected designation of origin in the province of Parma


06 Jan 2015

CRY can also be "piangere" in italian so ,,,
It can be as the italian title

02 Mar 2014

Two months ago I was in Auschwitz Birkenau; at the end of the visit there was to think on a lot of things.

28 Jan 2014

We have contribuited more or less....

23 Jan 2014

It,s sad but true

18 Jan 2014

Today I'm the first

21 Nov 2013

As always ... BRAVO

08 Nov 2013

I vote; BRAVO

06 Nov 2013

This morning I arrived a bit late.

05 Nov 2013

A Nobel for peace ,,,

13 Sep 2013

I remember: about ten years ago 20% of the population had 80 % of the richness ...
Thank you Gianfranco

06 Apr 2013

for me: Gianfranco "the first"

16 Dec 2012

Thanks Gianfranco; I'have got this interesting site

25 Nov 2012