Pero hay paises que no tienen ni petroleo ni agua... pero muy bueno tambíen Julio.

18 Oct 2012

We have been through this long long time... reinventing peace every day... Great idea Surendran. :)

18 Oct 2012

These guys seem to me as an european as two idiotic characters... but i'm not able to judge the average american... But great idea Zina.

29 Aug 2012

missing detail... grass shouldn't be greener when reflected on the water... but great idea... :)

27 Aug 2012

Islam deserves a bigger book... as big as other "revelation books"... I believe muslims laught at Islam as much as others... :D

Great Steve. :)

21 Aug 2012

hummm... hard to figure out where are the chips... :) but great work.

Foods crisis will come from wall street food commodities bubble and not from drought... :)

15 Aug 2012

This bailout has toasted us... let's get rid of him...

26 Jun 2012

Another great idea... Congrats! :D

23 Jun 2012

Very powerful! :)

además de todo, lo mas impactante es lo que va escrito en el sobre...

23 Jun 2012

Great idea Menekse... :)

23 Jun 2012