31 Dec 2018

Thanks guys

06 Dec 2018

yeah , exactly ... most people around the world agree with that ...

23 Nov 2018

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03 Oct 2018

love it !!!

15 Sep 2018

Yes , it is symptomatic of a bigger problem that just cartoons . Polarization of the society . We are either fascists or Libtards. Opinions on social media are NOT opinions like Tjeerd said , just people shouting for the sake of winning arguments and feeling superior. They are people choosing arbitrary one camp like they would choose one football team and insulting the adversary team not because they truly believe something but because they now belong to a tribe . This is not expressing opinion anymore , it 's hooliganism - social media hooliganism ...

14 Sep 2018

Tjeerd, I've seen a cartoon of Mark Knight that was seriously off marks. But most of his work seems to be OK - therefore I assume he is not a KKK cartoonist . But this is also complicated because when you defend Mark Knight , you also have some real far-right assholes who praise you for that - which is - of course - an unwanted side effect of defending a cartoonist . But where is the red line when we stop defending a colleague cartoonist who have received death threats for a cartoon ? His friend Paul Zanetti told me he had to close his twitter account for receiving death threats .

13 Sep 2018

We are doomed my friends ...

13 Sep 2018

Thank you guys. Yes at least Thelma and Louise had character and courage and integrity ...

24 Aug 2018

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19 Jun 2018

i like it

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Brilliant ! I love it !!!

11 Jun 2018

hahaha, excellent idea !!!

05 Jun 2018

"conspiracy theorists" are often proven right ? You mean 'the alien-reptilians" , the'non-landing on the moon' , the 'chemtrails' , the 'flat earth' , the '9-11 inside job' , etc ? Where are your so-called 'proofs' exactly ? On some doubtful and obscur websites ? pffffffffffffffff ... change the grass you're smoking because this one is really making you paranoid !!!

30 May 2018

and there are some conspiracy theorists who believe everything they see is fake or staged . That must be very tiring to live inside yr head

30 May 2018

Excellent Tjeerd !!!!!!!!!!!

29 May 2018

I support the removal of Hamas too . But I suspect Israeli extremists are finding Hamas very convenient since it is the primary excuse for not giving the Palestinians their state ... What prevent Netanyahu to make peace with Mahmoud Abbas ? Not Hamas. Hamas has become irrelevant . My guess is that Israel will keep Hamas alive , mutual hatred is all extremists of both sides need to keep going in their madness...

17 May 2018

I like this one !!! Well-done

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