Good one. So true and so sad!

26 Dec 2018

Agree with Nemo. Social media is just another way to reduce free INDIVIDUAL thinking.

23 Dec 2018

Good one! And thank you for a year of insightful images.

23 Dec 2018

So sad! So much love and so much hate.

21 Dec 2018

Excellent but a sad comment on our society

21 Dec 2018

So True. Well done. It's fun to burn, steal and destroy; even if the original reason is no longer valid.

12 Dec 2018

So true. A protest movement protests. They have no solution to offer.

10 Dec 2018

Thank you for this one. A happy prospect.

10 Dec 2018

Well done! An honest look at the destructive forces of most protest movements.

10 Dec 2018

So True. Well Done. A hole in the Feeding Spoon!

22 Nov 2018

excellent. This is so powerful and true. We lose our children to radical movements.

18 Nov 2018

Thank You for this one. He has given us years of excitement and pleasure.

13 Nov 2018

So Apt!! Well done.

27 Oct 2018

Very true. The question is; why go there?

20 Oct 2018

So True - you can see the mental growth

19 Sep 2018

Clever and apt. Well done.

18 Sep 2018

Oh! Well done.

13 Sep 2018

Well done brave Sir.
Islam is about Islam and power for the Islamic Leaders, not about the welfare of the people.

31 Aug 2018

Well done. This addresses a "Real (Life or Death)" issue.

31 Aug 2018

Well done for reminding us. This is the dis-grace that every religion suffers.

22 Aug 2018