Great cartoon!

11 Aug 2012

Great image!

14 Dec 2011

Great to see such a fast cartoon response to this horrible news. Hope that Ali Farzat will be better soon.

26 Aug 2011

Nice sequel of

26 Aug 2011

It makes me so angry that they preach their 'there is only one truth' in places like Haiti, let them try in Amsterdam!

13 Aug 2011

Great how Alexander's cartoon inspired you to draw a different truth, Spiros! I vote for both, because I like the cartoon-debate :)

30 Mar 2011

Great one indeed!

09 Mar 2011

Beautiful cartoon

08 Mar 2011

Isn't 'reading' cartoons from left to right or right to left depending on the way you're used to read your written language? I like the cartoon anyway!

08 Mar 2011

Great one. Got my vote!

13 Feb 2011


11 Feb 2011

Technically both Europe and Islam aren't races, so I wouldn't say the cartoon is racist. But I do agree that this cartoon is stereotyping Islam in a discriminatory way.

18 Dec 2010