Hi Cirecire, Thanks for pointing out this matter. I've checked and as far as I can see - in average - there are slightly more killings under Trump than Obama. But even when the figures were even or more on Obama's side: it is not appropiate for a president to openly communicate racism and slaunder parts of the population with aggressive words. There's the big difference. Here in Holland we had a political murder in 2001 (I think). A right wing poltician. And for years the left has been accused of demonizing this man leading to that murder. And that was not one tenth of what Trump is vomiting nowadays. If it goes for left, it will also count for the right. I think people should stop shouting too quickly with words like kill him, send them out. Even when they back my cartoon I don't like it when they say (and they did) 'This man should be dead'.

05 Aug 2019

You can see the cartoon being used in this blog. Since Dino and I discovered we had almost the same idea, the compliments in the text below refer also to you - not the piece about Boris' hair.

I’ve seen a lot of Brexit cartoons from across the briny, but mostly came away knowing that Theresa May had leopard-skin patterned shoes and that cartoonists did not seem to like her very much and that Boris Johnson has funny hair.

Beyond that, the issues have seemed distant and (thus) uncompelling, but this piece by Maartin Wolterink caught my eye because, not only does he not go overboard on Johnson’s hair, but I’m delighted that whosoever shall remove Britain from the European Union is thereby rightful King. Or Prime Minister. Whichever.

Particularly since Wolterink doesn’t depict him actually accomplishing it. A delightful use of a cultural reference, and one that is specifically dear to the heart of Merry Old England!

13 Jun 2019

Thanks Dino! (you speak French or Dutch?) One: things like these can happen because we all rather use the same logic to get to the best form for our message. Two: great minds are alike!

13 Jun 2019

Hi Dino. I got this idea yesterday evening and started drawing it this morning. I did not check if someone already used this idea, but I reckoned it would have been done, but in another way. And so it is, I link it to the return of Boris as PM now May has resigned. I can honestly tell you that I didn't know your cartoon or others that use the stone/sword image for the Brexit. Hope you're okay with my explanation

13 Jun 2019

Hi Nemo, it is indeed still possible but the opponents are getting more and more in the way. Women do not dare to speak up, founding a clinic is being delayed by the authorities (even after twhen they are functioning) and the operation is hard to get insured so people have to pay themselves. Abortion after three months is possible within the law but only few clinics are allowed to do so.There is a new religious wind blowin. (Also in Europe in Hungary and Poland) Hard to ignore because people like Trump need those people for votes.

16 May 2019

He isn't in my opinion. He just throws some dangerous stuff in the middle of the market place and runs off

17 Apr 2019

Hi Nemo, I'm not that for communicating by way of reactions on a cartoon. Let's put it this way: 19% of the country follows a men who's fund of Mein Kampf, who sees the Islam as not welcome in our country, who has had contact with Le Pen and several other creepy doctrine guys, who campaigned on during the tram assault in Utrecht and blamed it on the foreigners. And then we still have Wilders who's lost a lot of his voters to this new man. Yes, The Netherlands is in the grasps of fascism, even though a cordon sanitaire could stall time

21 Mar 2019

No Pete, it's just a frustrated criminal. I follow the news in my own country very close. He didn't even go to the mosque. I did change the title of this cartoon though, because I was too quick following some news that the victims were related to the killer. But that isn't the case.

19 Mar 2019

Ha Nemo: you noticed!

16 Jan 2019

Hi Nemo, There;s a law enforced where bosses can have their employees work 400 extra hours and start payng them after two years (Ithink now it is 150 days andpaying after 1 year). This time even the Orbán fans are protesting against him. Actually, he's doing it to keep the wages low and make it interesting for foreign countries (especially Germany) to invest

21 Dec 2018

I see Enrico already answered this (I think) but yes BoiseEd: in most countries in Europe it is obligitary to have such vests in your car to be better seen when you have a car breakdown on the higway. That's why everyone has such vests ready to be worn. And since the movement started about the expensive diesel for cars it is even more fitting.

11 Dec 2018

Wow, two Italians like the cartoon on Italy. Must be doing something right! Grazie!

28 May 2018

Rbel, a German?

02 Mar 2017

Symplicity and beauty. Nice work Pete!

05 Jan 2017

Hi Pete and Ramses. Thanks for the comments. Funny thing: today someone reacted on a Dutch site to this cartoon, saying: Not funny. What is he thinking? That this was meant to be funny? THAT'S funny!

14 Oct 2016

Mary, Pete, Enrico, Shahid and Ramses: thanks for the votes and the compliments!

10 Aug 2016

Thanks all fot the votes and positive comments!

08 Jul 2016

Wow, thanks Pete...

07 May 2016

It's a bit sad Rider, that it''s only your opinion that we are allowed to draw. Finally Israel is portrayed as sweet as a pussy can be and still it's wrong.

15 Jul 2014