Thank you sir!

11 Feb 2012


11 Jan 2012

...and with the bankruptcy laws now such that a fresh start is impossible with regard to both student loan and credit card debt, a whole generation's future is in crisis.

07 Nov 2011

Hey Grouchobeer, cheers from another United States-er! Thank you for taking the time to read my wordy cartoon. I guess with this one I was trying to force people to think about the issue, and fall on one side or the other. My father believes your point too, where I fall on the other side. You've raised some good questions. Rather than open a debate in the comment field, I'll leave it to our cartoons to do the talking! I'll check out some of your stuff. Thanks for the comment!

03 Nov 2011

You've captured perfectly how we Americans are all feeling.... Kicked when you're down by the very system that is supposed to help you. Great comic, and I hope for a positive outcome for your friends and family.

01 Nov 2011

Thanks for the comment Simpsonses! Cheers!

18 Sep 2011


13 Aug 2011

I like your fat, pontificating American. Kind of looks like Michael Moore a bit?

13 Aug 2011

Where is his Nazi symbol?

12 Aug 2011

Sir, your cartoons are simply amazing.

12 Aug 2011