Really, really good! So simple yet so effective!!!

11 Oct 2012

Very clever, indeed! Love it!

20 Mar 2012

Beautifully drawn, and so, so accurate!!!

14 Jan 2012

What a great concept, and brilliantly drawn, too! Brava, Elena!!!

18 Dec 2011

*Love* it!!!

27 Nov 2011

Love it! So true!

One thing, though: I'm a bit confused by the wording on the money bags. Did you mean the money owed (skulden)? If so, it's "debt", not "depth".

08 Nov 2011

Wow! That's a great caricature. It captures his arrogance and disconnection from the reality of Libya so well. Unfortunately, in reality, he won't be burning, it will be the Libyan people.

My ex grew up there and had parents who ran into him quite often (being a midwife and an engineer, they both had lots of contact with his government and his family). The stories they tell of his insanity even back then were quite chilling.

I hope we can remove his shadow from the country (though I will then worry about the shadow of our oil hungry Western nations).

02 Sep 2011