I liked it :)

03 Apr 2012

Nice, but where is the hamas ? :D

31 Mar 2012

Very good !

23 Mar 2012

Indeed, now the thing is, everybody in France should already be aware that Sarkozy was aware of that terrorist guy since 2010 ... lets see (hope) if it explode in his face this time :)

22 Mar 2012

The americans elected W. Bush twice ... i'm terrorized about the idea that we do the same :'(

Worst thing : Marine Le Pen would be a nightmare ... Hollande ... well lets hope for a miracle ...

15 Mar 2012

Excellent :)

15 Mar 2012

it was more a sarcasm on Sarkozy than the arab thing :)

I didn't wanted to give the feeling that I was worried about the author idea. He is in the truth about Sarko .. the guy (Sarko) is an arab hater :)

14 Mar 2012

Why those immigrants are looking arabic ? Please add a third lader with some guy coming from the east countries .. that would be more accurate :)

And add a Hungarian flag on the tie, since it is Sarko' origins :D

14 Mar 2012

So Dramatically true .. excellent draw here !

17 Nov 2011

Very nice !

Indeed, nothing for the after have been discussed ...

And even the "now" isn't really discussed since .. If anybody dropped a nuclear bomb anywhere nore Iran or Israel, the weather would take charge to burn all the area and even a bit of Europe with the high winds.

Nobody to draw about that ? :)

16 Nov 2011

Boarffff ... look, all our dear religions are talking about loooove, being niiiice to each others, that "god" loooooves usss soooo much so much so much ...

But hey, carefull bcs "god" have a special place too for you if you don't believe in him, and there, it' "eternal PAIN" ...

So far lovy'love ;)

A few days ago in France too, Christians attacked a theater in Paris bcs he was doing a represenation about Jesus Christ. It lasted a few days like that but not too much in the news.

It's not about islam or muslims, but only fanatics.

03 Nov 2011

LOL who allowed you to get back ! ;)

03 Nov 2011

Thanks :)
You can add Sarkozy with him since he allowed the bastard to plant his tents in the Elysée garden itself ... a picture for the memory :

Google image Sarkozy & Kadhafi you'll see :)

22 Oct 2011

Sorry but who is this ? :)

22 Oct 2011

Oh Nice !!! :)

24 Sep 2011

Superb !!! :)

24 Sep 2011

Nice artwork, but the reality is far from us seeing Palestine getting into the UN or just getting somewhere.

As we speak, and i'm not inventing this, I have my sources on the ground : 200 NGO/Associations/Things to help the Palestinian people have been shutted down since 2 weeks.

But one thing is to be known : They are shut down indeed sometimes by the Israelians, but, MOST of the time it is by the hand of the HAMAS ... these #{~@$ too don't want to see Palestine at the UN because in a way it would be the start of the end for them since they only exist to fight against Israel.

If someone is good enough to draw about that ..

20 Sep 2011

Ah, well, here we are.

19 Sep 2011

Isn't he cute? Insulting people directly, making us to forget the beauty and the truth this current draw ??

I suppose the owners of this website are about to do something about him and his attitud so we should probably just let him continiue to spit in the air. It will fall back on his face anyway.

19 Sep 2011

And here we have his true face :)

I think we are all done here.

18 Sep 2011