So good!

09 Jan 2013

Exactly! many women will vote what their men prefer and perhaps many men would like to marry even more women! Despite of that, this is a good first step. A beautiful drawing!

27 Sep 2011

poor girl! great cartoon!

01 Jun 2011

So original and intelligent !!!

28 May 2011

the endless cycle of violence...

11 May 2011

Dear Miguel, it belongs mainly to the French tradition Voltaires' saying: ''I detest what you write (wear), but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write (wear it)''. I appreciate though very much your differentiated aspect and excellent sketch.

14 Apr 2011

Oh my God! Greeks have to hide Acropolis for a while.

06 Apr 2011

Such an excellent use of symbolic !!!

31 Mar 2011

So cool! this scared face!

26 Mar 2011