I came to "Cartoon Movement" because I'm a fan of Matt Bors' work (and I'm very disappointed that I hardly ever see ANYTHING here that matches Matt's class). A while ago, in a piece about a discussion in the American media about President Obama being depicted as a monkey, which was considered racist by many people, Matt wrote: if you cannot draw a cartoon about black people without depicting them as monkeys, you shouldn't draw a cartoon about black people.
Well, I want to pick that up and say: if you cannot make a cartoon about Germans without depicting Germans as Nazis, then you shouldn't make a cartoon about Germans.

But I see, in horror, that we're in the middle of the renationalisation of Europe; this should be about the rich vs the poor, and "fat cats" of global mega-banks vs little shopkeepers; instead it's about Greeks vs Germans. Well fine, if we want it to be that way, it will be that way. But keep in mind, in wars, again, it's the poor people who suffer and the rich people who make the profits. On all sides.

But I don't want to spoil your fun, so here are a few suggestions for further cartoons in above style:
lazy Mexicans (they are even lazier than Greeks, haha); lazy Africans (they are even lazier than Mexicans, haha); greedy Jews; Africans being cannibals (this is the 21rst century, but of course you can still depict Africans with huge lips and a bone in their hair, haha); French men always being sex-crazy; English men being super gay; gay people being puffs; handicapped people (or, as you should be allowed to call them: retards) being super clumsy; blond women being stupid... etcetera etcetera
Endless possibilities! Old clichees ALL can live forever - if only we want them to!!!

By the way, only recently there have been elections in Spain. Talking about criticizing one's own country before pointing fingers! Guess what, Spanish people made a bloody conservative their new prime minister! There is hardly any leftist party in power anywhere in Europe today - three years after the near collapse of capitalism!!! Please make a cartoon to explain THAT to me. Well, I guess again Miss Merkel, continuing Hitler's work, is to blame. And not the complete impotence of the political left.

P.S.: NOOOO, I am NOT German. And that's not the fucking point. What I just wrote is about the aesthetic quality and the mindset of cartoons. And it's an awful double standard to complain about that "Focus" cover work and then draw a cartoon like THAT. A cartoon that only wants to insult and has NOTHING to say about the current situation. Nothing. (You don't seriously think Merkel is a Nazi, do you?)

No disrespect intended for any of you, honestly, as far as your work is considered in general.
(Although I STILL think comparing the destruction of cucumbers to gassing jewish people is disgusting and completely intolerable. But that's what some people call "humourless". I can live with that.)

01 Dec 2011

This is not meant to be anti-American, but: the fact that people like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are considered to be serious contenders for being President of the USA, by millions of citizens, well, that shows how fucked up the political scene is in the USA, right?

02 Jun 2011

I understand your point, yet, I find it extreeeeeeeeemely disgusting to use Hitler whenever one is critizising Germany for whatever reason. That's stupid, and it's unfair to today's Germans (including German Politicians) - and it's fucking LAZY cartooning, too! In the 21st century, we should be able to do without the endless unreflected reproduction of such clichees...

02 Jun 2011

Yeah, I guess we all think that people in the Middle East should get their shit together - so to say...

26 May 2011

No no, I simply ment I would be interested to read more criticism of / opinions on some cartoons by fellow cartoonists. Obviously most guys here simply post their own stuff and that's that. Sure, there seem to be no right leaning cartoonists on CARTOON MOVEMENT, so there won't be too many "ideological" discussions, yet... shouldn't a platform like this also be about an exchange of thoughts? When I say "criticism", of course that's not necessarily dissing other people's stuff...

13 Apr 2011

Thank you for your factual and polite answers - I wish there was a bit more communication on this website... (I find some cartoons quite annoying - not the above! -, but as a non-cartoonist I hesitate to do too much criticism here)

13 Apr 2011

Hmm... so you think nudism is as bad as forcing women to wear a burka, or what?
Well, I know, you're probably trying to say something about western sexism and the exploitation of women, but doing that by simply drawing a naked (and, hey, smoking?!) lady on the beach...?!

12 Apr 2011

A peace BOMB, really?! What's next, a cartoon with people fucking for virginity?

05 Apr 2011

Considering how many shitty Godzilla cartoons are around right now - thumbs up for this one!

14 Mar 2011

Well, if you dislike "weepy cartoons", then you could try to draw something more thoughtful, or even reflect on how difficult it is to draw a good cartoon about a natural disaster - but to milk the event to come up with SUCH a cheap pun...

12 Mar 2011


12 Mar 2011