After "The 39 Steps", one of my all-time favorite Hitchcock movies.
"You're evil! YOU brought the birds here!"

24 Jun 2017

For a wide range of reasons including incessant "sponsored posts", privacy issues, useless dross and Mark Zuckerberg's sociopathic behavior in general, I ditched my Facebook account four years ago and never looked back. Best decision I ever made.

05 May 2017

Honestly, and the US media are INSISTING that I be pants-wetting scared of this tinhorn.
I wouldn't be surprised if all that test launch footage on DPRK State TV was just some outtakes from an old kaiju movie.

Either that, or they'd just upgraded their Mission Control to Windows 10.

18 Apr 2017

Y'know, I get the sneaking suspicion that all that missile-launch footage that DPRK State TV was blasting out was just outtakes from an old kaiju movie -- y'know, like, an old Gamera flick or something.

17 Apr 2017

Tah-daaahhhh! Brilliant! Just brilliant!
You aren't by any chance a big Jan Vermeer fan, are you?

17 Apr 2017

As I was fond of saying during the Obama Years: Hope in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

18 Nov 2016

No doubt the executives who masterminded the massive emissions data fraud will remain employed.

18 Nov 2016

Hey, I'm cool with it, especially if one of them is Lena Dunham, or Cher.

10 Nov 2016

Relieved everybody's digging it. I was worried that the "I Voted" sticker bit was too much of an "inside joke" for Americans.

The US media last night were packed with starry-eyed, stirring exhortations about voting and civic duty and democracy, but all I could think of were all the people who actually did the voting -- all those people couldn't break out of the two-party trap and felt compelled to drag their ragged, mass-media beat-down asses to the polls, their brains beaten into hamburger by US media disinformation and asshattery.

09 Nov 2016

Oh, jeezus, Pete, that's just friggin' grotesque. So, I gave it an upvote.

09 Nov 2016

Y'know, I did a grand total of one -- count 'em, ONE -- Trump cartoon in this whole campaign (but it was a good one). Now we're doomed to four years of bad hair jokes.

09 Nov 2016

Thanks, guys.
"Smashing Blackberries" is going to be the name of my Grunge Revival tribute band.

09 Sep 2016

Just threw my vote in on this. You've perfectly summed up the state of American voters for the past thirty-odd years.

03 Sep 2016

Too bad I could only vote for this cartoon once. Bravo!

29 Aug 2016

Oh, man, yeah. Sweet. I'd try and make the silhouette more obviously F117, maybe have the MSL logo as a lit-up tall building kind of sign.

17 Aug 2016

My vote!
Y'know, it's really sad this happened, but I can never help rooting for the bull.

11 Jul 2016

Wow, I didn't know Nikola Tesla dug Pink Floyd! (;^>
My vote.

11 Jul 2016

Just voted for this one.
Selfie stick: tool of the Devil.

11 Jul 2016

Just voted for this one.
I hear they were rioting in Paris after they lost in the final. I'd hate to imagine the kind of rioting they'd have had if France had won.

11 Jul 2016

Just threw my vote in.
Tell you what, though... you want politics based on fear, check out the Democratic Party establishment in the States. The Democrats don't have jack for progressive achievement in the past 30 years, so they're reduced to trying to scare progressive voters with Donald Trump. You try and point out the truth about Hillary's warmongering and sleeping around with corporate interests and bankers, and the Democratic Party leadership is all like, "...but, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMPITY TRUMPITY TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!"

11 Jul 2016