Thank you Enrico, Antonio and Pete. Yes it been a long time. I am sorry I am unable to contribute as much as I waish here. This is because I am tied with my cases and struggle. Some more, most of my cartoons are about local issues. By the way, thank you very much for the support - Zunar

09 Dec 2017

Thanks very much Ramses

26 May 2014

Thanks a lot Ramses, Guffo and Enrico for the comment and vote. WE are frustrated because during the visit to Malaysia, President Obama never discuss put human rights, democracy, press freedom and electoral fraud, which is at large in Malaysia. He only interested in to push for TPPA.

29 Apr 2014

Thanks Maurock

28 Apr 2014

Thanks a lot Fadi

03 May 2012

Thanks Saad. May be Tjeed next time, I can put the logo myself?

05 Jan 2012

HI, Saul Cabanillas, thank you very much for supporting me in this cartoon. And thanks you guys who put their vote and giva a comments. I am honored, Apologized for a very late response from me. By the way, Saul just to inform that I am in Bolbao now until end of December. Any chance we can meet? pls email me , regards, Zunar

19 Nov 2011

very good cartoon giamoco

29 Jan 2011

creative,,,outside the box

17 Jan 2011

Thanks for the comments Elvinraj, Richard /Slavomir

17 Jan 2011