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30 Jan 2018

Well. Mike, it's not exactly that we didn't get quite the overproduction of "pig-face" Trumps ;)

09 Nov 2016

Pete Kreiner: I would be grateful for a link.

25 Aug 2016


25 Aug 2016

"There is more then one truth" but there is only one subject, as specific as it gets, and the cartoon is off subject.

25 Aug 2016

Τhank you all, dearest friends

24 Aug 2016

Quick and appropriate response. Well done

24 Aug 2016

Thank you my friend!

24 Aug 2016

Τhank you, my friends!

17 Jul 2016

Τhanks, Pete!

26 Jun 2016

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10 May 2016

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02 Jul 2015

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28 May 2015

Thank you, my friend. It's a powerful event, I 'm afraid I 'll have to revisit it in the coming days.

01 Jun 2013

My dear Alexander, of course I have selective hatred.What I don't have is unfounded one. Selecting as target a criminal mastermind seems to me like a waste of good ammunition.You say nothing new by bashing him. Also, Osama was not an elected leader of any country, so not really accountable to anyone but the Fraternity of Evil Masterminds. Seems to me more thought provoking (just look at this very conversation that we have) to debunk so-called champions of Freedom who are uncomfortably cozy with Camps X-ray and dictators like Pinochet, or who (oh, you'll love this one) trained and funded every Osama and Saddam of this world when it suited their needs. Needless to say I disagree with your take on Chavez's legacy, but then again I always had a soft spot for leaders who at least tried to ease the pain of the poor and I don't expect everyone to share it.

11 Apr 2013

Dear Alexander, my cartoon was about double standards, I myself never expressed anything resempbling "sanctity of the dead no matter what", so no, sorry, you can't accuse me of double standards on this one.
That said, I am not surprised you are so surprised by the cartoon reactions to the Witch's death. I understand you live in an environment where deregulation and such are considered the Way Things Should Be, when arguably they are to blame for the mess we are all in nowadays. Whatever you or I might personally believe, you can't argue the fact that Chavez's death was greeted by huge waves of genuine grief by his own people, while Magie's death, decades after her last involvement in politics, is greeted with spontaneous celebrations and festive parties. Start wondering why.

10 Apr 2013

Μy friend Miguel, just to be fair: The Witch may have enabled fascist practices (Heavy police clash down, heavy camera surveilance everywhere) but her ideology was the opposite of fascism. Fascism is "strength through unity". The Witch's ideology was that "there is no society. Just the individual". She managed to pull her society apart, not knit it together like the Germans did.

10 Apr 2013

@Αlexander: Just out of curiosity, why should Chavez be in hell?

10 Apr 2013

Thanks, Saad

08 Apr 2013