It's hard to imagine trump and care in the same sentence.

14 Mar 2017

News from the Flake-in-Chief

14 Mar 2017

Guns are like a religion or a sports team, to some people. They love 'em, but don't really have a reason why.

11 Mar 2017

And what does he expect to achieve by whacking a tree with the side of an axe?

11 Mar 2017

What Tjeerd said.

08 Mar 2017

Ha! One can only wish it worked that way.

07 Mar 2017

This should be in newspapers everywhere.

07 Mar 2017

Good cartoon, but that was just an act. Amazingly, someone persuaded him to read from the teleprompter and not be himself. That won't last.

01 Mar 2017

"They don't introduce us to each other."

16 Feb 2017

Unfortunately, I'll have to live with the aftereffects of his romp. At least you're far away.

13 Feb 2017

Oh. I thought this was the Trumpmobile.

13 Feb 2017

You nailed it, Guido.

09 Feb 2017

I hadn't heard about that lately.

09 Feb 2017

Oh, this one is excellent, Pete!

04 Feb 2017

Unless said cartoonist happens to live in the USA -- or in the world, for that matter.

02 Feb 2017

And now the USA has lost civilian control of its military. Gods help us!

21 Jan 2017

Good pun. Bad situation.

20 Jan 2017

Sad situation but good depiction of it!

08 Jan 2017

Ramses: It's funny, only because you don't live here in Trumpland.

05 Jan 2017

They're welcome to him, IMO.

05 Jan 2017