I'm sorry for your loss, Pete, but she apparently lived a good and well-cared-for life.

19 May 2017

On the TV news, I just saw Erdogan's bodyguards viciously attack some protesters in DC. Pretty disgusting.

17 May 2017

So true!

17 May 2017

We certainly need one!

17 May 2017

I like the implied idea, but only if Putin is there at the time.

15 May 2017

Thanks for the link, Guido. This guy should be not only impeached, but imprisoned.

14 May 2017

So if the good one is the KKK, I hate to think about the other one!

12 May 2017

So true

10 May 2017

Journalism is essential.

08 May 2017

Although tRump and Putin backed Pen, Macron's story reminds me of tRump.

08 May 2017

Some banks here have signs requiring customers to remove hats and sunglasses.

08 May 2017

They might as well put a climate-change denier in charge of the environment. Oh, wait, we did that.

02 May 2017

Sad but true.

02 May 2017

I think you meant "shellshocked." Stunned. Appalled.

29 Apr 2017

If the USA could accomplish Aussie-type gun control, it could save tens of thousands of lives here. Australia should be proud of their accomplishment.

29 Apr 2017

She seems to be even worse than tRump, if that's possible.

24 Apr 2017

If only tRump didn't exist.

31 Mar 2017

It's hard to imagine trump and care in the same sentence.

14 Mar 2017

News from the Flake-in-Chief

14 Mar 2017

Guns are like a religion or a sports team, to some people. They love 'em, but don't really have a reason why.

11 Mar 2017