I've seen tourists about that dumb.

29 Nov 2017

That sounds like a good start.

23 Nov 2017

Oh, he'll be remembered all right, as the USA spends years trying to undo his damage.

01 Oct 2017

What, you don't like the iPhone 8?

01 Oct 2017

That is so sad.

21 Sep 2017

We can only HOPE that he's just blowing smoke.

19 Sep 2017

Wishful thinking.

01 Aug 2017

Does "PISS" mean something in Polish? "DO"? Google Translate couldn't handle it.

25 Jul 2017

Is this inspired by the woman in NY MOMA, who was posing for a selfie and knocked over a whole row of pedestals, causing about $200K damage?

16 Jul 2017


10 Jul 2017

With this, I would be looking forward to the ice melting.

08 Jul 2017

Well, then, given that, it now gets my vote.

04 Jul 2017

I wish I could read the tiny writing on the upper scroll.

04 Jul 2017

I assume the number means something?

27 Jun 2017

It looks like Josef Stalin.

19 Jun 2017

If you're a bad guy with a laptop bomb, what's to keep you from just flying from a different airport?

25 May 2017

I'm sorry for your loss, Pete, but she apparently lived a good and well-cared-for life.

19 May 2017

On the TV news, I just saw Erdogan's bodyguards viciously attack some protesters in DC. Pretty disgusting.

17 May 2017

So true!

17 May 2017

We certainly need one!

17 May 2017