Wishful thinking

13 Jan 2020

More like 251, in 2019 alone.

06 Aug 2019

And we (USA) have one, too!

04 Jul 2019

WTF? Not one CC of any ocean is empty.

04 Jul 2019

The guy is like England's Trump. Why would anyone vote for him?

14 Jun 2019

Forever, I fear.

28 May 2019

You asked for comments: Sorry, but the two side panels don't tell me anything and the middle is just an unflattering image of Macron.

01 May 2019

"My sole activity was to put the chief prosecutor in the case in touch with an alleged victim's family," Tina Tchen said in a statement to PEOPLE. Tchen describes herself as a “family friend” of the Smolletts. You're right that the whole thing stinks, though.

08 Apr 2019

Was it a recognized charity, and not some fly-by-night scam group?

08 Apr 2019

Good grief! You have those anti-vaccination idiots over there, too?

28 Mar 2019

No, tRump's pet AG specifically said the report does NOT exonerate him.

26 Mar 2019

It's so sad to hear about this.

23 Mar 2019

What, you haven't encountered Fox?

06 Mar 2019

So why can't they just abandon the whole Brexit idea and stick with the EU? Clearly, neither May's plan nor no-plan is going to help the UK at all.

14 Feb 2019

I'll never understand how any judge could ignore the "well-regulated" bit.

26 Jan 2019

Thank you, Maarten.

12 Dec 2018

Until the current troubles, I'd never heard of France requiring these yellow vests. I gather from this cartoon that their purpose is to signal "I need roadside help." Is that correct?

10 Dec 2018

Excellent, but very sad, drawing today.

30 Oct 2018

Voting seems to be broken just now, but this is a good one!

22 Oct 2018

Is that anything like amnesty?

15 Oct 2018