A shirtless Putin would have been great indeed.
The 90s style CRT monitor and system reflect the 'clumsy' way the Russians executed their mission. Besides that Russia is often portrayed as an old-fashioned country. And I think an old monitor capures the image more than a LED-monitor.

08 Oct 2018

Well, I have to be honest with you, Pete. Indeed I spelled the word loser wrong. But now you mention I have decided not to change it. See it as an in-joke. We all know mr. Trump isn’t the smartest guy around the globe.

03 Feb 2017

Hello Fadi, Apart from emphasizing the laughable similarities between a burkini and a smurf’s outfit, there is no further message in this particular illustration. It’s to the viewer to decide who of the two characters depicted is Papa Smurf.

24 Aug 2016

Maar natuurlijk, Kingsday i.p.v. Queensday. Bedankt voor je opmerkzaamheid. De beschrijving is inmiddels aangepast.

27 Apr 2016

Gemakkelijk wordt het al gauw wanneer je dergelijke zaken in een seksuele context plaatst; een weliswaar gemakkelijke doch effectieve manier om een statement te maken.

24 Apr 2016