I changed the caption for clarity.

08 Mar 2020

Nobody. But Trump claims coronavirus is “under control”.

08 Mar 2020

It's a hard judgment call to decide from which angle I reflect on current events. I am not that deep into American politics. But I try to view the news as objective as I can.

Even though I don’t respond much, I really appreciate your informative contributions. I take every word into account.

14 Feb 2020

25 Jan 2020

The description is a newspaper headline to which the cartoon relates. A bit confusing I admit.

03 Nov 2019

It's not about Trump sharing a photoshopped meme...

03 Nov 2019

Juncker will continue to lead the European Commission until the newly elected president takes office on November 1, 2019.

04 Sep 2019

I agree with NEMØ.

07 Jul 2019

The Trump 'tariffs' don't affect the umbrella market as of yet.

02 Jul 2019

I knew there was something missing. Hope you don't mind I 'stole' your idea. Thanks mate!

02 Jul 2019

No canvas left for Bibi.

17 Jun 2019

The language - he(a)lium - error was done intentionally.

06 Jun 2019

Thanks guys. Best wishes for you as well.

31 Dec 2018

At your local dumpstore.

19 Dec 2018

I like to see more cartoons about the Universal Declaration of Human Obligations.

14 Dec 2018

Long enough to build a solid foundation.

11 Dec 2018

This image took approximately 2 hours of my time.

10 Dec 2018

I am trying to think one step ahead. Macron should redirect those rats - because that's what they are! - to the sewer.

08 Dec 2018

A shirtless Putin would have been great indeed.
The 90s style CRT monitor and system reflect the 'clumsy' way the Russians executed their mission. Besides that Russia is often portrayed as an old-fashioned country. And I think an old monitor capures the image more than a LED-monitor.

08 Oct 2018