So true.

23 Oct 2019

But where is my white steed!?

17 Oct 2019

I ask the same questions as Nemo. Personally I see this cartoon as a positive portrait of Salvini!

23 Aug 2019

Great quote. Well chosen.

15 Aug 2019

Great insight.

15 Aug 2019

Solidarity with Salvini! Love his humour here.

15 Aug 2019

A legal immigrant will not have to worry. He will have papers. There is a huge difference between legal and illegal.

18 Jul 2019

Nemo is very bang on in almost off his words here. Well done, fellow Canadian.

12 Jul 2019

I hear HRC is already mourning Epstein's suicide scheduled for next Thursday if her folks pull it off...

12 Jul 2019

When I get anything with those plastic rings I cut everything so there are no loops to catch anything. End up with strips instead of circles.

12 Jul 2019


05 Jul 2019

Tragic but people do not realize this family was NOT desperate, they just wanted more. They left very livable lives and were already in a holding facility and got impatient & tried to jump the queue again. Sad results but the parents are responsible for the loss of the baby. Daddy, alas, paid the same price.

05 Jul 2019

I nominate my poodle.

05 Jul 2019

A brain bleed. Cement-laced milkshake. Deserved? "fascist punk"? I have followed Andy for over a decade. Did you even watch his videos before this attack? To be honest, I am shocked at your attitude Mike. Absolutely shocked. Literally, my jaw is hanging down low.

05 Jul 2019

05 Jul 2019

10 demonstrators, very lonely group, attended this ludicrous balloon. A non event.

05 Jul 2019

Thank you for drawing this to our attention so beautifully.

28 Jun 2019

You really flesh her out. She is a skeleton.

31 May 2019

I would be forever barred from all internet if I honestly told you what I see her. Pretty amazing social comment and visual statement. Impressive. Open to so many interpretations.

21 May 2019

Absolutely brilliant!

17 May 2019