Grazie Enrico

12 Dec 2017

Thanks Daniel!

11 Dec 2017

Thank you Sherif! I updated the style a bit and re-upload the illustration. hope for better :)

10 Dec 2017

Gracias :)

09 Dec 2017

The idea is good but some remarks on the drawing:
- too many styles together that don't fit together
- use similar or one lettering style for your text and signature
- practice on your shadowing. Best way is to keep watching professional cartoonists work and try to visualize how they do it. Imagine that there is an invisible light lamp on your paper somewhere, and according to that direction visualize the shadows. Until then best to keep it simple with colors and use thin and thick inking lines.
- centralize your cartoon, because now there is a white gap on the right side.

In general, in cartoons 75% is the idea represented and 25% the personality of your artistic style. You don't have to draw like Da Vinci to produce fine work, but you need to have a balance, flow and your own personality into the drawing. Try to find original ideas that haven't been drawn yet. That's from me so far, cause I'm still in the learning process :) Good luck and keep up the good work!

24 Nov 2017

Talking about similar ideas :D :

22 Nov 2017

Hi Paoli. Nice drawing but be careful how you use your layers. Some colour is off limits of the ink line. The text doesnt seem necessary to me too but I'm not a fan of text of course anyway :)
nice work.

22 Nov 2017

Hi Valeria. Lettering should reflect your work's personality. It is very important the style of the text and your signature to look like your drawing. Also, the wings seem to be pasted and not drawn. Try to draw the whole thing or if you paste something with PS, try to make it look like it's a part of your drawing. There should be a balance between drawing and pasted parts. Keep it up :)

22 Nov 2017

Thank you Ajie and Daniel!

17 Nov 2017

Merci Jean!

16 Nov 2017

Thank you Enrico and Antonio!

10 Nov 2017

Thank you guys :)

08 Nov 2017

Congrats Marilena!

05 Oct 2017

Thank you so much guys!

26 Sep 2017

Thank you Tomas!

25 Sep 2017

I'm flattered Jean thank you

18 Sep 2017

great idea

17 Sep 2017

great idea

17 Sep 2017


17 Sep 2017

Thank you Daniel!

15 Sep 2017