Thank you Pete for your sincere appreciation!

17 Nov 2019

Thanks to all of you for your kindness and support!

17 Nov 2019

Pete, Enrico, many thanks! I really appreciate your feedback!

22 Jul 2019

Thank you, Antonio!

20 Jul 2019

Right to the point! My vote, Pete!

27 Apr 2019

Thank you all! The main purpose of this cartoon is to outline the most sad fact that we are catastrophically atering the planet through pollution, consumerism among other ways and if we don't change course we'll soon face apocalyptic repercussions!

26 Apr 2019

Thank you Pete! sorry for the late reply :)

27 May 2018

Thank you, Rodriguez!

20 Apr 2018

Thank you Pete and Tjeerd! I appreciate your comments!

17 Feb 2018

incredible! my vote!

08 Sep 2015

very clever, brilliantly drawn, grim reality, my vote

02 Sep 2015

es mi placer Miguel! :)

26 Jul 2015

parakalw, Miguel!

26 Jul 2015

no hay de qué Miquel! :)

26 Jul 2015

it's so moving! Great!

26 Jul 2015

Excellent concept and great line! Well done!

26 Jul 2015