thank you antonio, pete, enrico, ghamir, mary, and fadi

09 Jul 2016

apt..very apt

04 Sep 2015

Thank you Pavel, Miguel and Fadi. Miguel I saw your cartoon early last week and was impressed that you found the baga killings a relevant topic, apologies for the omission

18 Jan 2015

hahaha..excellent cartoon!

05 Nov 2013

thankyou my friends, i'm humbled and honoured to win this award

14 Dec 2012

thank you all for your positive comments

22 Jun 2012

vipi kaka? good cartoon!

21 May 2012

thank you pau, cecigan and the svitalsky's

27 Apr 2012

thank you all, an update on the conflict is South sudan has withdrawn her troops from Sudan territory of Heiglig,I hope this holds, as I said before Africa cant afford this conflict, the price in human lives will be terrible!

21 Apr 2012

congratulations Steve, this cartoon is spot on!

20 Mar 2012

good one alfredo!

12 Mar 2012

thank you all;-)

09 Mar 2012

thank you all :-)

08 Mar 2012

thanks vasiliki, thanks saad

07 Mar 2012

thank you jan,sofia, manos, miguel and federico!

06 Mar 2012

good one popa!

22 Feb 2012

thank you all :-)

08 Feb 2012


09 Jan 2012

great cartoon Saad...

08 Jan 2012

i agree...they are a devious lot!

20 Dec 2011