Great. He will proceed to get what he deserves

01 Jun 2020

We do not need to look at history. We are suffering from the tragedies made by USA all over the world LIVE.

01 Jun 2020

Just a minor note, dear Maarten. The distribution of colors in the flag makes it the Sudanese flag, not the Palestinian one. Thanks.

25 May 2020

Right, Antonio. At least Trump is honest in showing his hatred to the world. Obama was disguising as a good person while in reality he was nothing but another bastard.

22 May 2020

Great one

18 May 2020


22 Apr 2020

Welcome, Amine

21 Apr 2020


18 Apr 2020


13 Apr 2020

Great one, Marian. They will not learn

10 Apr 2020

Very nice

09 Apr 2020


05 Apr 2020

Great work

02 Apr 2020

Great work. Nothing but viruses come from there.

02 Apr 2020

Exactly. Thousands died because of the curiosity of a coward creature.

28 Mar 2020

Great idea

21 Mar 2020

She was a great human

18 Mar 2020

Great one

13 Mar 2020