Dear Ahmed, I agree with you that the virus has no borders but has origins, this is undeniable!...
Best regards

26 Mar 2020

Hi Pete, I didn’t see your cartoon, as I don’t see all the cartoons published in CM here, so I would be grateful if you didn’t come here with the witch hunt, if you applied the same method you would have a lot to go back. As you may know, sometimes we think the same way about themes, as it has happened here several times. If you want I can go to your cartoons to do the same, because you have many similar ones in your work. Thanks

25 Mar 2020


23 Mar 2020


11 Mar 2020

Obrigado a todos!! Thanks all my colleagues

03 Mar 2020

Excellent Miguel!

26 Feb 2020

Thanks all my colleagues for your support in this last days!... I will sustain despite of all challanges and duresses pursued against me for silencing my pen...freedom of expression was and will stay the compass of my work.
love my work and my colleagues

25 Feb 2020

thanks Antonio
Happy new year!

26 Dec 2019

thanks all colleagues. Fadi, Paolo, Antonio, Pete and Enrico

27 Nov 2019

very good!

13 Nov 2019

Muy buena Camila!

13 Nov 2019

Thanks António and Fadi

09 Nov 2019

Thanks Enrico and Nemo

01 Nov 2019

Thanks dear colleagues, Zach and Fadi

01 Nov 2019

Thanks dear Antonio!

29 Sep 2019

thanks dear friends!

29 Sep 2019

thanks Shahid!

02 Sep 2019

very good!

05 Jul 2019

congratulations Camila!

27 Jun 2019