Nice one, made me laugh!

10 Sep 2019

Love it!

05 Sep 2019


02 Sep 2019

Thx guys!

02 Sep 2019

Lovely, Doaa!

27 Aug 2019

Great cartoon!

26 Aug 2019

Thanks! The 'real' doomsday clock is at 2 minutes to midnight, so that makes Boris the hour hand and Donald the minute hand.

29 Jul 2019

Awesome cartoon! I am missing China, though, shouldn't Xi be up there as well?

18 Jul 2019

Hahahaha, love the lamp designs :D

18 Jul 2019

Great idea!

08 Jul 2019


05 Jul 2019

Thanks Simon!

04 Jul 2019

Hahaha, great Paolo!

25 Jun 2019

Love it, simple but effective!

24 Jun 2019

Nice one!

24 Jun 2019

Ooh, that's clever.

14 Jun 2019

Thanks SWAHA. Because everyone was already doing a cartoon about this I actually didn't intend to do one myself. It's always such a struggle (and frustrating as you say) to try and come up with an original concept and then finding out it's been done already. But the newspaper is doing a special on the topic, so I had to do one.

13 Jun 2019

The end result: thanks again, Pete!

13 Jun 2019

Thanks Pete, I appreciate it!

13 Jun 2019