@Pete I always use loads of reference images (just using Google image search) and usually import these into my Photoshop canvas, shuffle them around and resize them until I get the composition I want. In this case, I just based the entire composition on a photo:

24 Apr 2018

Thanks, Anne! I know the subject has been covered ad nauseam in cartoons, but this image popped into my head and I couldn't stop myself ;)

24 Apr 2018

That’s a very clever visualization, Marian!

23 Apr 2018

There truly is a day for everything :-P

23 Apr 2018

This is almost identical to a cartoon by Micela:

22 Apr 2018

@Nemo, actually the illustration brief was specifically about the rejection of Shell. But they rejected the sketch not because they didn't like the concept, but because they needed the illustration to be simpler and more logo-like. It's to be used in a campaign and needs to be recognizable from a distance on banners and such. I've submitted a revised sketch, so we'll see.

21 Apr 2018

Very sad that still applies. Will we ever learn?

14 Apr 2018

What a clever concept!

13 Apr 2018

Excellent one, Hassan!

09 Apr 2018

Thanks guys!

06 Apr 2018

Liberty of expression does benefit from an open debate, but this discussion is now CLOSED, Final warning: anyone now commenting on this will receive a 1-week ban. The step after that will be to remove this cartoon and discussion entirely.

27 Mar 2018

Otherwise we will be forced to issue a temporary or permanent ban and/or take other measures.

27 Mar 2018

Note from the editor: Cartoon Movement is and should be a place of discussion, but it looks like this discussion is getting out of hand. I would suggest all parties involved agree to disagree.

27 Mar 2018

Excellent, Emad!

26 Mar 2018

Hi guys,

Getting back to you on bugs and copyright issues, a little later then promised, sorry about that.

On the copyright: it makes sense to go after the bigger (media) organizations that steal our work, because then there is a chance to get a substantial compensation for unauthorized use of cartoons. In the case of blogs, personal websites etc. it’s often juist too much time to chase down an infringement and get 20 euro at the end of it. Nemo suggested we send a standard email in all cases of these infringements and I think that’s as good idea. In the case of bigger infringements by media, we always take action.

I’ve also tried keeping a monthly blog on the illegal use (a strategy of naming & shaming), but this was just also too much work to keep up, along with all the other CM stuff that needs doing.

It would be fantastic if we had an extra person who could coordinate this, chase down illegal use etc., but we just don’t have the resources. If someone here would be willing to take that role, we could figure out a deal where the money earned from chasing down illegal use is divided between the cartoonist whose work was used and one chasing it down, with no money for CM. But it’s a lot of work with uncertain outcome.

Nemo also suggested a copy block, which will make it more difficult to use our work because people will not be able to right-click and save anymore. Here a site that uses a copy block:

I like this solution a lot more than watermarks and it’s on my wish list for the next iteration of the website.

And Moshe would like a central place where you guys can report bugs and issues with the site, which is a good idea. Maybe we could have a closed FB group for this or something like that? Open to suggestions here.

22 Mar 2018

Yes, Moshe, seriously thinking about the best options. And will get back to you all on this soon, just really been busy these past two weeks.

20 Mar 2018


19 Mar 2018

All images on the site are displayed at a max of 800 pixels width and a standard resolution of 72 dpi. really not good for printing.

A copy-block has been on my Wishlist of site improvements for some time, and will be added at some point in the future. However, this will not completely stop stealing; it will prevent people from saving pictures directly, but they can still make a screenshot of the page and get the image that way.

As I said, will get back next week in more detail abut what we can potentially do to address this issue.

16 Mar 2018

Just to allay one fear: people are not able to download high resolution cartoons, either from the CM site or shop, without paying. So there's no stealing of hi res images going on, just lo res. The most common thing we see is CM cartoons being published elsewhere on the Internet without our permission. Sometimes we'll get cases of newspapers stealing our cartoons and using them in print, but those cases are limited as the cartoons they print are low quality then.

15 Mar 2018

Hi guys, good discussion going on here. And I agree that it's a serious concern. I'm swamped this week giving two workshops a day and finishing an art project, but promise I will take this up early next week so we can discuss what measures we could take.

15 Mar 2018