Great cartoon!

12 Nov 2018

Excellent caricature!

09 Nov 2018

Thanks Pete & Elihu! @Pete: I'm not completely satisfied with the rendering of the waterfall (I don't draw them often, I guess), but it was a good excercise.

09 Nov 2018

Nice one, Sara!

05 Nov 2018

Love the colors!

29 Oct 2018

Thanks all!

25 Oct 2018

@Animilation, that's actually a great suggestion!

24 Oct 2018

Wonderful in its simplicity.

22 Oct 2018

Wow, that's an awesome cartoon! One of those 'wish I thought of that' moments.

18 Oct 2018

Thanks, nemo! Had some fun experimenting with storm clouds and lighting from below. Kind of pleased with how it turned out.

12 Oct 2018

Thanks Antonio, like your too!

11 Oct 2018

Clever! Like the black and white globe on a red background, makes it extra dramatic.

08 Oct 2018

Nice one!

04 Oct 2018

Somehow, they just don't get old, these Brext cliff cartoons, at least for me. Made me chuckle :))

04 Oct 2018

Nice concept, and I love the rendering of the water! Have you made your own digital brushes to create that effect?

04 Oct 2018

Thanks Moshe, and thanks for your thoughts. I must admit the topic of climate change is becoming a bit tired in cartoons, although the UN report on government inaction did provide a solid hook to do a cartoon (and I must admit I did not have any other inspiration).

My cartoons (and in my view, cartoons in general) don't provide a solution. The put a problem on the agenda, and hopefully get people to think about that problem. My strategy to do this is to create an image that can be understood within 3 seconds. In this case, I actually think all the elements actually work rather well together to accomplish this. the island represents the danger of rising sea levels (and flooding lands), and the thinker skeleton represents human inaction and its consequences, which may be dire. And it doesn't really matter who is responsible, as we will all face the results.

03 Oct 2018


02 Oct 2018

Thanks Moshe! What don't you like about the concept (if i may ask)?

02 Oct 2018

Thanks guys! These are my favorite cartoons to draw, when I get to create an atmosphere/emotion. And I love doing gradients :)

02 Oct 2018


01 Oct 2018