17 Apr 2019

Also like the title :D

02 Apr 2019

Awesome cartoon!

02 Apr 2019

Oh, that's good to know! We might include it in the upcoming exhibition.

01 Apr 2019

Great cartoon!

26 Mar 2019

Excellent cartoon!

18 Mar 2019

Thanks Fadi!

11 Mar 2019

I actually challenged myself to do the portrait completely without lines, using just shadow and light (as formed by the relief) to make Trump's face, but I couldn't pull it off (without spending hours and hours).

21 Feb 2019

Thanks guys! Scary how slogans from 1984 have come so close to reality...

21 Feb 2019

Love this one!

13 Feb 2019

Thanks Bernie!

13 Feb 2019

Hey Miguel, the 404 error you're getting is because the Perspectives on Freedom newsroom is only visible to logged in memebers, as per the client's wishes.

12 Feb 2019


11 Feb 2019

Excellent indeed!

08 Feb 2019

Great cartoon!

25 Jan 2019

Such a sad scene, but a stunning illustration. I kind of wonder if you need the text. Mich be more powerful just as a visual. Not sure. But great anyway!

24 Jan 2019


17 Jan 2019


15 Jan 2019

Great idea, great drawing!

08 Jan 2019


08 Jan 2019