Now you know. Thanks for the comment.

08 Oct 2019

Pollution and carbon in the air from burning fossil fuels are the same thing. Any third grader knows that. I've done plenty of research and am open minded. Science and fact are not political. Theories could be.
Could it be you're working for the oil and gas industry? They have the same talking points.
This is my last comment. I'm done trying to reason with Trump supporters. They just reject any scientific facts and call it fake news.

02 Oct 2019

I'm still trying to wrap my head around your views on "climate cycles" NEMO, According to this odd logic, does it mean that it's okay to continue business as usual and keep burning fossil fuels and it won't effect the climate? No, I think I'll stand with Greta and the millions of young protesters worldwide and go with the scientific evidence and facts.

01 Oct 2019

The world's scientists are in agreement that climate change is caused by greenhouse gases caused by human activity and we're seeing it now in front of our eyes. A teenager tries to call attention to the crisis that will be effecting all her generation and she gets trashed for it. How dare you!

30 Sep 2019

I believe you're ignoring an important issue here. The NRA donates a lot of money to politicians and that results in inaction on any gun control. Background checks don't happen. Mentally disturbed people get their hands on assault weapons and kill lots of people very quickly.
The recipients of these donations are overwhelmingly Republican. If they were Democrats, I would slam them. I challenge you google and look at these contributions and get the facts. Our own senator from Texas leads the pack.

09 Aug 2019

You can defend Trump all you want. That's your right as a right wing cartoonist. But he's President now, not Obama. Shootings have happened under many administrations. because of the ease of obtaining assault rifles. The NRA owned GOP senate blocks any attempt at gun control legislation. So it is a political as well as social problem. Trump incites white nationalist violence at his rallies. (I know because I went to one in El Paso).

04 Aug 2019

Hush money to silence damaging information that could swing an election in a candidate's favor is considered a thing of value and in this case was not reported. It is a violation of campaign laws and is against the law. Trump knew about it and lied about it.

I don't do cartoons that are not factual.

22 Jul 2019

Don't think the squad is in the same league with Trump when it comes to hateful, racist rhetoric.

17 Jul 2019


15 Jul 2019

Very nice!

15 Jul 2019