Gracias amigo.

21 May 2020

Thanks for the comments. Yes, Trump hotel is across the street.

20 May 2020

You nailed it.

19 May 2020

Thanks talented cartoonists for the nice comments.

06 May 2020

Just kidding, i didn't change it. It came out in the original form on The Week mag. and all over Instagram and Face Book. Sorry Trumper.

21 Apr 2020

Boy, i must have touched a nerve...getting a little testy there, NEMO. By the way, why are you hiding behind this fake name? Or are you a character from a Jules Verne novel? Anyway, I've changed the cartoon to just partisan pandemic, no names so as not to be biased in any way. I read NYT, WP, Christian Science Monitor mainly for my unbiased news, none of which are fake news, no matter what Trump says.
I take offense at being called ignorant. My cartoons have been on Politico now 22 times on their "Best of the Nation" cartoons of the week.
I'm done with this dialog. You can have the last word if you like, but try to keep it civil.

21 Apr 2020

All those in the cartoon are partisan, are they not? And yes, I've listened to them and noticed the way they twist the facts to incite hatred. Some of my relatives and friends i grew up with listen to this garbage like it was gospel And now we can't be close ever again.
Of course there are partisan opinions on the left and right but the tricky part is to fact check and see who is actually telling the truth. Best to listen to an unbiased news source.

20 Apr 2020

Thanks Naji and keep up the good work.

18 Apr 2020

Noor, thanks for the comment but I don't understand doesn't make sense. The premise of the cartoon is simple. When those in power try to prevent or make it hard for the people to vote, that is a dictatorship.

17 Apr 2020

Thanks, Antonio.

03 Mar 2020

Hmm...this comment makes me wonder....a sneaking suspicion that Russian Trolls have infiltrated Cartoon Movement.

18 Feb 2020

Thanks for the comment guys.

06 Feb 2020

Thanks for the comments guys!

24 Jan 2020

I'll let you do that NEMO. I forgot that these days, facts, evidence, right or wrong are irrelevant. Partisan opinions it seems is the only thing that matters, unfortunately.
My partisan opinion is that I tend to question what anyone says especially is they have told 15,000 lies. Go ahead and ignore that fact. I'm done commenting.

12 Jan 2020

You forgot to mention all the rest of the witnesses' testimony that undoubtedly confirmed there was a bribe with written documents that prove it as well, an impeachable offense in this country. You can't just take a few words out of context to try to prove your pro Trump point of view.
This is my last comment on this subject. You can have the last word. I'm done. Go back to your Fox news or whatever propaganda you subscribe to.

03 Dec 2019

Just another example of support for a lying con artist and traitor and the trashing of respectable decent public servants and patriotic Americans who uphold the US constitution and what it stands for. Putin would love this cartoon.

03 Dec 2019

So far no wrongdoing by Hunter Biden has been found.
Good that you are reading Politico. Maybe you saw the cartoon I did last week that they chose for their best of the nation's cartoonists that they post each Friday.

27 Nov 2019

Thanks Nemo, glad you like the cartoon. Looks like it worked if it brings out the right wing fanatics.

27 Nov 2019

Now you know. Thanks for the comment.

08 Oct 2019

Pollution and carbon in the air from burning fossil fuels are the same thing. Any third grader knows that. I've done plenty of research and am open minded. Science and fact are not political. Theories could be.
Could it be you're working for the oil and gas industry? They have the same talking points.
This is my last comment. I'm done trying to reason with Trump supporters. They just reject any scientific facts and call it fake news.

02 Oct 2019