• The Art of Resistance

    The Art of Resistance

    Last Friday was the deadline for our cartoon competition The Art of Resistance. In total, we received 1781 cartoons from 76 countries! The jury will meet on March 5 to make a selection for the official exhibition, which will open on May 24, and to determine the winners.We will keep you posted!

    27 Feb 2018
  • Launching the CM Shop!

    Launching the CM Shop!

    In July 2017, we announced we received funding from the Google Digital Media Initiative. After months of hard work, we are very pleased to announce the official launch of the Cartoon Movement Shop! Read more on our blog.

    19 Feb 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Miguel Morales Madrigal

    New Cartoonist: Miguel Morales Madrigal

    Miguel Morales Madrigal is a Cuban cartoonist with 8 years of experience, working for local Cuban newspaper ‘5 de Septiembre’ and for cartoon magazine ‘La picúa’.

    12 Feb 2018
  • Interview with Latif Fityani

    Interview with Latif Fityani

    Al Bawaba has posted an interesting Q & A with Jordan cartoonist Latif Fityani: ’Provocative is one way to describe Latif Fityani, he’s an emerging satirical artist in Jordan who digitally creates drawings or images that say something.’ Read the full interview here.

    05 Feb 2018
  • New Cartoonist: John Daly

    New Cartoonist: John Daly

    John Daly is as self-taught cartoonist/caricaturist with a background in political science and government. He specializes in cartoons and detailed caricatures that usually accompany editorials and/or opinion pieces. His tagline: Making Important People Look Stupid Since 1998. Check out his website to see more of his work.

    02 Feb 2018
  • Message from cartoonist Ramón Nse Esono

    Message from cartoonist Ramón Nse Esono

    Pedro X. Molina turned a message from cartoonist Ramón Nse Esono, still imprisoned in Equatorial Guinea, into a comic panel. Read it (in multiple languages) it our on our blog.

    31 Jan 2018
  • Kianoush Wins 'Prix Couilles au Cul'

    Kianoush Wins 'Prix Couilles au Cul'

    Iranian cartoonist and CM-member Kianoush Ramezani is the third laureate of the ‘prix Couilles au cul’ (roughly translated as ‘balls in the ass', a French expression for having courage). The prize, awarded during the Angoulême Comics Festival is given to Kianoush for his artistic courage. Previous winners are Nadia Khiari from Tunesia and Ramize Erer from Turkey.

    30 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Omar Santana

    New Cartoonist: Omar Santana

    Omar Santana is a cartoonist originally from Cuba, now living in Miami, Florida. He has been working as an independent illustrator, cartoonist, and visual artist since 2004 and currently works as editorial cartoonist for El Nuevo Herald.

    29 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Ali Jamshidifar

    New Cartoonist: Ali Jamshidifar

    Ali Jamshidifar is a cartoonist of Iranian origin, living in Paris since 2015. In Iran, Ali was director of the arts section of a newspaper and created his own art magazine. Check out his website to see more of his work.

    23 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Rice Araujo

    New Cartoonist: Rice Araujo

    Rice Araujo is a cartoonist and illustrator from Brazil. He has his own studio where he provides illustration services to advertising agencies, publishers and other companies. He periodically publishes cartoons in the Visão Oeste Newspaper. Check out his website www.ilustracaodigital.com.br to see more of his work.

    15 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Mir Suhail

    New Cartoonist: Mir Suhail

    Mir Suhail is a political cartoonist and artist from Kashmir. His work has appeared in Kashmiri and international publications. Follow his Facebook page or visit his website to see more of his work.

    12 Jan 2018
  • Cartoon Conference in Amsterdam

    Cartoon Conference in Amsterdam

    On Wednesday January 17, the central library in Amsterdam (OBA) will host an evening about political cartoons. The main guest of the evening is Plantu, cartoonist for Le Monde and founder of Cartooning for Peace. Dutch cartoonists Joep Bertrams and Tjeerd Royaards will join the discussion and show some of their work. The evening is sold out, which is bad news for those wishing to attend, but yet more evidence of the continued popularity of editorial cartoons.

    10 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Burlò

    New Cartoonist: Burlò

    Sebastian Tanti Burlò is a Maltese political cartoonist and artist. Under the name Burlò, he is published in The Times of Malta. A graduate in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Westminster (London), his work combines current affairs, photography, writing and ink to create a socio-commentary of today’s times. Visit his website to see more of his work.

    08 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Murad Daragmeh

    New Cartoonist: Murad Daragmeh

    Murad Daragmeh is a Palestinian cartoonist and architect from Ramallah.

    03 Jan 2018
  • New Cartoonist: Richard Codor

    New Cartoonist: Richard Codor

    Richard Codor is a cartoonist from New York City. His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in national and international newspapers, magazines, books, and cartoon collections. He is a recipient of the Jewish Press Association/Rockower Award for Cartooning and the first Charles Schulz Prize. Check out more of his work here.

    02 Jan 2018