• Laughing at Tyrants: Cartoonists Under Pressure

    Laughing at Tyrants: Cartoonists Under Pressure

    Tyrants, they say, hate nothing more than being ridiculed. As a result some of the best political cartoonists around the world work under extreme conditions. Exiled, imprisoned, or working despite frequent death threats. VJ Movement has launched a new project about cartoonists under threat. The project consists of video interviews with cartoonists Sherif Arafa in Egypt, Tony Namate in Zimbabwe and Mario Robles in Mexico. The artists talk about how they deal with the difficult circumstances they are faced with in their daily work.

    06 Jan 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Spiros Derveniotis

    New Cartoonist: Spiros Derveniotis

    The newest member of our global cartoonist community goes by the name of Spiros Derveniotis. He is our first member from Greece. Since his first appearance in 1986 in the Greek satirical magazine "Para Pente", he has been working non-stop as a political cartoonist and comics creator for a variety of local papers and magazines. Now he will also share his perspectives with a global audience on our platform.

    04 Jan 2011
  • Cartoon of Interest

    Cartoon of Interest

    This cartoon about Europe and the Islam is generating discussion, here and on other websites (where it's been republished) as well. The aim of a good editorial cartoon is to make people think about a certain topic, and this cartoon certainly stimulates people into thinking, and even debating. For those unfamiliar with the tale of the scorpion and the frog: http://allaboutfrogs.org/stories/scorpion.html

    27 Dec 2010
  • Two Cartoonists Win at United Nations Political Cartoon Award

    Two Cartoonists Win at United Nations Political Cartoon Award

    On December 15, the winners of the United Nations Correspondent Association Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award were announced. The Cartoon Movement can boast two cartoonists from the network who received prizes. Osmani Simanca from Brazil was awarded Third Prize for his cartoon on terrorism, while Tjeerd Royaards received a Citation for Excellence for his cartoon about Kim Jong-il.

    16 Dec 2010