• New Cartoonist: Alexander Hoffman

    New Cartoonist: Alexander Hoffman

    Cartoon Movement is pleased to welcome another new cartoonist. Alexander Hoffman started his cartooning career as a political cartoonist for UCLA's award winning student newspaper, The Daily Bruin. While on staff here, he won several statewide awards for his cartoons. You can see his first pitch in the newsroom, about Libya, here.

    09 Mar 2011
  • On the Blog: Hungarian Cartoonists Under Fire

    On the Blog: Hungarian Cartoonists Under Fire

    This week's feature on our blog is an interview with three cartoonists from Hungary about a new media law. Under the new law, massive fines can be levied at news outlets for unbalanced reporting and offenses to "human dignity" and "public morality." Matt Bors talked with three Hungarian editorial cartoonists and illustrators--Pápai Gábor, Joe Békési, and Péter Zsoldos--about how the media law will affect their work.

    07 Mar 2011
  • The Cartoon Movement App is Now Available

    The Cartoon Movement App is Now Available

    Editorial cartoonists and Apple have (had) a difficult relationship, caused by the somewhat zealous censorship policy Apple has in screening new apps. Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore saw his cartoon app initially rejected in 2010, because it contained 'content that ridicules public figures'. Luckily, the Cartoon Movement App has been approved this week, and is now available. The app, CM Cartoons, is free and will supply you with a daily dose of editorial cartooning from around the world on your iPhone or iPad.

    03 Mar 2011
  • Launch of the Cartoon Movement Blog

    Launch of the Cartoon Movement Blog

    Today we have launched the official Cartoon Movement blog. The blog is an extension of our community of cartoonists and cartoon aficionados, and will have weekly posts, including interviews with cartoonists and comic artists, insights into making cartoons and comics, and the latest news in the field of editorial cartooning and comics journalism. One of the first posts is an interview by Matt Bors with Egyptian cartoonist Sherif Arafa, about cartooning in the Mubarak and post-Mubarak era. Enjoy!

    01 Mar 2011
  • Cartoonist Collaboration: BAFA

    Cartoonist Collaboration: BAFA

    Most cartoonists prefer to work alone, but there are exceptions. Dutch cartoonist Bas van der Schot and Iranian cartoonist Farhad Foroutanian have been making cartoons together since 2009 under the name BAFA. To them 'it feels like a mission to work together, making something new, mixing our minds, our cultures and our fantasies'. This collaboration has now found its way to Cartoon Movement, and you can see one of their first pitches here.

    28 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Elena Ospina

    New Cartoonist: Elena Ospina

    Elena Ospina is a graphic artist, painter, illustrator and cartoonist, and her work is characterized by a diversity of styles. She is originally from Colombia, but now resides in Madrid, Spain. In her own words, she is 'a tightrope walker, using cartoons to find the balance in a world full of contradictions.' You can see one of her first pitches for the Cartoon Movement here.

    25 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Rodrigo de Matos

    New Cartoonist: Rodrigo de Matos

    Rodrigo de Matos has joined the community this week, the first Portuguese cartoonist to sign up for the Cartoon Movement. He makes editorial cartoons for "Expresso", one of the main newspapers in Portugal. Rodrigo also has a weekly cartoon published in the daily newspaper "Ponto Final", from Macau (China), where he lives nowadays. You can see his first pitch (sketch) in our newsroom here.

    24 Feb 2011
  • Interview With Zapiro

    Interview With Zapiro

    The VJ Movement has posted a video interview with South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, better known as Zapiro. The interview is part of the series 'Cartoonists Under Pressure', with stories of political cartoonists who put their own safety in the scales and continue to speak truth to power. Zapiro talks about the complexities of the post-apartheid era, getting sued by Jacob Zuma and on the government's "failure to deliver."

    22 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Shan Wells

    New Cartoonist: Shan Wells

    Shan Wells is the most recent addition to the global network of the Cartoon Movement. He resides in the Unites States, where he illustrates a weekly political cartoon for the Durango Telegraph, an independent newspaper in Durango, Colorado. He is also a blogger for the Huffington Post. You can see his first cartoon for the Cartoon Movement here and visit his website here.

    21 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Enrico Bertuccioli

    New Cartoonist: Enrico Bertuccioli

    We are pleased to welcome another great Italian cartoonist to the network. Enrico Bertuccioli is an illustrator and a cartoonist living in Urbino, a small town in central Italy, and attended the School of Comics of Milan. He has already started pitching his work in the newsroom, which you can see here and here. You can also visit his website.

    20 Feb 2011
  • Students and Cartoonists on MDG's

    Students and Cartoonists on MDG's

    People visiting our newsroom these days might be surprised to find a great number of sketches, with the request to a cartoonist to make a cartoon of the proposed idea. These sketches come from students from five high schools throughout the Netherlands, and are part of our special project on the Millennium Development Goals. The outcome of this collaboration of students and cartoonists will be 100 cartoons on the MDG's, which will be published in a book. The project is meant to create awareness about development aid.

    18 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Amr Okasha

    New Cartoonist: Amr Okasha

    The Cartoon Movement is very pleased to welcome Egyptian cartoonist Amr Okasha to the community. He is assistant managing editor of the newspaper Al Wafd, and contributes cartoons to various Arabic and international publications. His cartoons are also distributed by the New York Times Syndicate. With the eyes of the world on Egypt and the Middle East, it will be great to have another cartoon perspective from the region.

    16 Feb 2011
  • New Era for Egypt, More Freedom for Cartoonists?

    New Era for Egypt, More Freedom for Cartoonists?

    Will cartoonists in post-Mubarak Egypt enjoy more freedom than they have had for the last 30 years? Dutch press agency NOS reported about cartoons by Sherif Arafa on Friday, as an illustration of how the regime was losing control. It will be interesting to see what cartoons will be made in the coming months, not only in Egypt, but in surrounding countries in the Middle East as well. We'll definitely keep an eye on how things will develop for cartoonists.

    12 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Jan-Erik Ander

    New Cartoonist: Jan-Erik Ander

    Jan-Erik Ander (JEANDER) is the first cartoonist from Sweden to join the Cartoon Movement. He has worked as a freelance cartoonist and journalist for a great number of Swedish newspapers. His specialization is drawing political cartoons and caricatures. Jan-Erik has published five books with political cartoons. You can see his website with many cartoons and caricatures here.

    11 Feb 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Juana Medina

    New Cartoonist: Juana Medina

    No one knows exactly why, but women are scarce in the world of editorial cartooning. Here at Cartoon Movement, we are pleased to welcome the third female cartoonist to the network. Juana Medina is a talented artist originally from Colombia, and now residing in the United States. She is a cartoonist and illustrator, as well as teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design. Visit her website here.

    10 Feb 2011