• Coming in May: New Cartoon Book

    Coming in May: New Cartoon Book

    The special project about the Millennium Development Goals has been a great success, with over 300 high school students collaborating with cartoonists from around the world. Together, they came up with hundreds of cartoon ideas about the MDG's and European Development Policy. The best 100 cartoons are selected for our new cartoon book, that will come out in May. The book will also show the involvement of the students, and how cartoon ideas became cartoons. This will be our second cartoon collection; the first book, 'There is more than one truth' can still be ordered here.

    11 Apr 2011
  • The Future of Journalism is...Comics!

    The Future of Journalism is...Comics!

    This weekend the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) takes place in Boston. One panel is on comics as the future of journalism, and it features our comics journalism editor Matt Bors and cartoonist/comic artist Susie Cagle. Next week we will post a review of the NCMR on the blog. In the meantime, here's an interesting article by the Village Voice titled 'If Cartoons Are So Big, Why Don't They Pay?'

    07 Apr 2011
  • Cartoon Battle: Capitalism vs. Environmentalism

    Cartoon Battle: Capitalism vs. Environmentalism

    Last week, Cartoon Movement was host to the very first cartoon battle. The debate began when Alexander Hoffman put his cartoon 'Devolution of Man', a critique of environmentalists, in the newsroom. Spiros Derveniotis responded with his cartoon 'It's All in Context'. Since then, a debate had been raging about the strengths and woes of capitalism. It's good to see our slogan 'there is more than one truth' put into practice.

    04 Apr 2011
  • Upcoming Project: Comics Journalism from Haiti

    Upcoming Project: Comics Journalism from Haiti

    This summer, Cartoon Movement's editorial team, Matt Bors and Tjeerd Royaards, will travel to Haiti in search of a talented comic artist/journalist. The purpose of the project: to create a long-running comic that will show an inside perspective on living in Haiti. Well over a year after the devastating earthquake, Haiti is still in shambles. Unfortunately, the attention span of global media is chronically short; with this project, we hope to show that disasters do not end when the camera crews leave. The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    01 Apr 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Tim Eagan

    New Cartoonist: Tim Eagan

    American cartoonist Tim Eagan is the latest addition to our community. He studied law, but decided he wanted to become an comic artist instead. Tim produces two comic strips (Deep Cover and Subconsious Comics) in addition to doing editorial cartoons. Check out his work here.

    30 Mar 2011
  • This Wednesday: New Comics Journalism Piece

    This Wednesday: New Comics Journalism Piece

    This Wednesday we will publish a new comics journalism piece by Alexandra Hamann and Jan Feindt. The comic is an interview with Dr. Leinfelder of the Museum of Natural Science in Berlin, about the loss of biodiversity and the devastating impact of this on ecosystems around the world.

    28 Mar 2011
  • Washington Post Interviews Sarah Glidden

    Washington Post Interviews Sarah Glidden

    The Washing Post has published an article about Sarah Glidden, a comic artist from Brooklyn, New York. Glidden's much-acclaimed first graphic novel, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or less, was published earlier this year. Her newest comic, about Iraqi refugees in Syria, is scheduled to be published on Cartoon Movement next month.

    25 Mar 2011
  • New Cartoonist: J.J. McCullough

    New Cartoonist: J.J. McCullough

    Cartoon Movement is pleased to welcome an editorial cartoonist from Canada to the network. J.J. McCullough is a 26-year old reporter and cartoonist based in Vancouver. Besides having an excellent style of cartooning, J.J. describes himself as being politically conservative. His work will add valuable new perspectives to our platform, as the majority of cartoonists around the world tend to have a generous liberal streak. Check out his website here.

    23 Mar 2011
  • On the Blog: Editorial Cartoons Are Subversive

    On the Blog: Editorial Cartoons Are Subversive

    This week's contribution to our blog is written by Stephanie McMillan, a cartoonist and radical activist. She write about the subversive nature of cartoons: 'Editorial cartoons are by nature critical. When asked why his work is always negative, one cartoonist points out that “a positive cartoon is called a greeting card.”' Read the full post here.

    21 Mar 2011
  • Special Project: MasterPeace

    Special Project: MasterPeace

    MasterPeace is creating a movement for peace. The movement aims to mobilize citizens of the world and to get the ‘silent majority’ actively involved in reducing conflict everywhere. During the next month, the Cartoon Movement will provide a platform for cartoonists worldwide to draw for peace. The resulting cartoons will be used by MasterPeace to promote their goals. We have created a section in the newsroom dedicated to this project.

    15 Mar 2011
  • Reuters: Libya's Rebel Cartoons

    Reuters: Libya's Rebel Cartoons

    Cartoons will find a way. With Internet down, and a lack of newspapers to publish in, Libyans have started using the streets in rebel-controlled cities as a publishing platform for cartoons. Reuters has posted an excellent slideshow of the anti-Gaddafi caricatures and graffiti, stating that freedom of expression is becoming a 'key weapon in the fight'. (Image: Reuters/Finbarr O'reilly)

    13 Mar 2011
  • International Cartoon Expo: 'Exile'

    International Cartoon Expo: 'Exile'

    Cartoon Movement's own Kianoush Ramezani is the driving force behind an international cartoon expo that will open on May 3rd, 2011 (World Press Freedom Day) in La Maison des journalistes in Paris. La Maison des journalistes helps exiled journalists who were forced to leave their country to escape persecutions, and provides them with a housing solution and helps them through the many difficulties they face at the time of their arrival in France. The expo is meant to attract attention for the great work of this organization. Cartoonists can send their cartoons to Kianoush before March 31, 2011 at expo@maisondesjournalistes.com

    10 Mar 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Alexander Hoffman

    New Cartoonist: Alexander Hoffman

    Cartoon Movement is pleased to welcome another new cartoonist. Alexander Hoffman started his cartooning career as a political cartoonist for UCLA's award winning student newspaper, The Daily Bruin. While on staff here, he won several statewide awards for his cartoons. You can see his first pitch in the newsroom, about Libya, here.

    09 Mar 2011
  • On the Blog: Hungarian Cartoonists Under Fire

    On the Blog: Hungarian Cartoonists Under Fire

    This week's feature on our blog is an interview with three cartoonists from Hungary about a new media law. Under the new law, massive fines can be levied at news outlets for unbalanced reporting and offenses to "human dignity" and "public morality." Matt Bors talked with three Hungarian editorial cartoonists and illustrators--Pápai Gábor, Joe Békési, and Péter Zsoldos--about how the media law will affect their work.

    07 Mar 2011
  • The Cartoon Movement App is Now Available

    The Cartoon Movement App is Now Available

    Editorial cartoonists and Apple have (had) a difficult relationship, caused by the somewhat zealous censorship policy Apple has in screening new apps. Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore saw his cartoon app initially rejected in 2010, because it contained 'content that ridicules public figures'. Luckily, the Cartoon Movement App has been approved this week, and is now available. The app, CM Cartoons, is free and will supply you with a daily dose of editorial cartooning from around the world on your iPhone or iPad.

    03 Mar 2011