• Book Presentation: Kids & Cartoonists

    Book Presentation: Kids & Cartoonists

    Last Thursday, the special project about the Millennium Development Goals was concluded in Amsterdam with the presentation of the book 'Kids & Cartoonists'. The project was a collaboration between 82 cartoonists and more than 200 students from high schools throughout the Netherlands. Together, they came up with over 300 ideas for cartoons about the environment, water, energy and human rights. From these, 98 cartoons were selected for this cartoon book, which will be used in schools to teach about the MDGs, and about the value of editorial cartooning.

    21 May 2011
  • Review: Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition

    Review: Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition

    On the blog, Matt Bors has written a review of Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition, one of the few (U.S.) publications that makes an effort to present an overview of the best editorial cartoons of the past year. He argues that 'book collections offer an attempt to capture the fleeting glory of daily editorial cartoons and have been notoriously spotty and of dubious necessity for as long as anyone has been printing them.' Go read the complete post.

    18 May 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Víctor Vélez (Chubasco)

    New Cartoonist: Víctor Vélez (Chubasco)

    This week we welcome a new cartoonist from Mexico to our community. Víctor Vélez, artist name Chubasco, is an illustrator, caricaturist and cartoonist. His stunning artwork will add a new perspective and style to the broad range of cartoons we try to offer. We higly recommend a visit to his blog.

    16 May 2011
  • Zunar Fights Cartoon Book Ban

    Zunar Fights Cartoon Book Ban

    Cartoonist Zunar is challenging the Malaysian government in court to lift the ban on two cartoon books. The Malaysian government claims the books contain 'terrible accusations' and could make people lose faith in the government. Zunar points out that the books were freely available for eighth months prior to their ban, without causing any form of civil unrest. His comment: 'You can only lose something you have. The people who read my books have already lost trust in the government.' The verdict in this case will be delivered May 14.

    14 May 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Brent Childerhose

    New Cartoonist: Brent Childerhose

    The newest member of our cartoonist collective (nr. 95, we're now approaching 100 cartoonists) is Brent Childerhose from Brooklyn, New York. He's been doing a regular single panel-comic since 2009, and plans to use the Cartoon Movement to post his more topical and politcal cartoons. You can check out his website here: www.thebadchemicals.com.

    12 May 2011
  • Cartoon Controversy: Monkey Business

    Cartoon Controversy: Monkey Business

    On the blog, Matt Bors writes about the latest cartoon controversy surrounding a cartoon by Dutch cartoonist Hajo de Reijger. The cartoon in question depicts Barack Obama in a scene from 'The Lion King' where the character was originally a baboon, and is therefore considered racist by some. We've asked Hajo for a reaction, as well as two of our African cartoonists, Tayo Fatunla and Victor Ndula. Read the full post here.

    10 May 2011
  • On the Blog: MasterPeace Cartoons

    On the Blog: MasterPeace Cartoons

    Last Thursday, May 5th, was Liberation Day in the Netherlands. In April we ran a special project in our newsroom for MasterPeace, asking cartoonists from around the world to give us their vision on peace. From all the submissions, MasterPeace selected 14 cartoons to be displayed at five Liberation Festivals in Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht and Wageningen. We've posted some pictures on the blog to give an impression.

    09 May 2011
  • Now Open: the Cartoon Movement Webshop

    Now Open: the Cartoon Movement Webshop

    The official Cartoon Movement webshop is now open. In the webshop you'll find T-shirts with some of our coolest cartoons. We'll be adding new designs each week, and what's more, you can get any of our published cartoons as a T-shirt design. Just send us an e-mail to let us know which one you would like. And remember...there is more than one shirt.

    03 May 2011
  • On the Blog: Susie Cagle on the Importance of Local Cartooning

    On the Blog: Susie Cagle on the Importance of Local Cartooning

    This week's blog post is by Susie Cagle, cartoonist for the San Fransisco Appeal, where she contributes cartoons about local issues. She writes about the trend in cartooning to deal only with global news events, and argues that local does not automatically equal trivial. Although the focus of Cartoon Movement is primarily on global news events, we do feel Susie makes a compelling case for local cartooning, so go read!

    02 May 2011
  • Young Iraqi Refugees Struggle to Keep Hope Alive

    Young Iraqi Refugees Struggle to Keep Hope Alive

    We recently published 'The Waiting Room', a 20-page piece of comics journalism about Iraqi refugees living in Syria, by Sarah Glidden and the Common Language Project. Now our partner site, VJ Movement, has a new piece by Alex Stonehill and the CLP focusing on two Iraqi refugees, Momo and Odissa, who fled Iraq in 2003 and have lived as refugees in Syria ever since. Watch the video on our blog.

    26 Apr 2011
  • Cartoonists Honor Fallen Libyan Artist

    Cartoonists Honor Fallen Libyan Artist

    Kais al-Hilali, a thirty-four-year-old Libyan cartoonist, was shot and killed late last month while painting one of the political street murals for which he was locally famous. New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly writes that the international cartoonists community was quick to respond. She has put together a collection of the tribute cartoons.

    17 Apr 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Alphonce Omondi (OZONE)

    New Cartoonist: Alphonce Omondi (OZONE)

    Alphonce Omondi, pen-name OZONE, is an editorial cartoonist/illustrator from Nairobi, Kenya. He has been working part-time as a cartoonist since 2005, in addition to having a regular day-job. His work has appeared in the Nairobi Star, the Standard, and the Daily Nation. Check out his blog here.

    15 Apr 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Khalid Albaih

    New Cartoonist: Khalid Albaih

    Khalid is a Romanian born Sudanese political cartoonist based in Doha, Qatar. Currently working in the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, Khalid considers himself a virtual revolutionist, publishing his political cartoons about life in the Arab world on various blogs and websites. You can see one of his first pitches for Cartoon Movement here, and his full portfolio here.

    13 Apr 2011
  • Wednesday: 20-Page Comic by Sarah Glidden

    Wednesday: 20-Page Comic by Sarah Glidden

    Tomorrow, we will run our longest comics journalism piece yet. The comic is by Sarah Glidden and tells about the struggles of Iraqi refugees living in Syria. It's well worth checking out, because of it's length of 20(!) pages, because of Glidden's stunning artwork and great storyline, and because it's an exclusive publication, only available at Cartoon Movement.

    12 Apr 2011
  • Coming in May: New Cartoon Book

    Coming in May: New Cartoon Book

    The special project about the Millennium Development Goals has been a great success, with over 300 high school students collaborating with cartoonists from around the world. Together, they came up with hundreds of cartoon ideas about the MDG's and European Development Policy. The best 100 cartoons are selected for our new cartoon book, that will come out in May. The book will also show the involvement of the students, and how cartoon ideas became cartoons. This will be our second cartoon collection; the first book, 'There is more than one truth' can still be ordered here.

    11 Apr 2011