• Comics Journalism: 'What Every Woman Should Know'

    Comics Journalism: 'What Every Woman Should Know'

    In the United States a massive legislative campaign against abortion rights is taking its toll on a woman's right to choose. Next Wednesday we publish 'What Every Woman Should Know', a report by contributor Susie Cagle on the war that's being waged against women's health in the United States. You can get a preview on our blog.

    11 Sep 2011
  • Cartoons Take On the Academic World

    Cartoons Take On the Academic World

    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is undertaking a six-year research project on governance, security and justice in conflict-affected areas. The Cartoon Movement will support the academic research with editorial cartoons, using our global network of cartoonists to come up with powerful visuals on six themes: Gender, Security, Conflict Resolution, Resources, Transitional Justice and Information.

    08 Sep 2011
  • Support Ali Ferzat, Get a T-shirt

    Support Ali Ferzat, Get a T-shirt

    We have put three new designs in our T-shirt webshop, all in support of Ali Ferzat, the Syrian cartoonist whose hands were broken to stop him from drawing anti-Assad cartoons. You can choose between 'The Dictator's Nightmare', 'Keep Fighting Oppression' and 'The Power of Cartoons'. We guarantee that every penny earned is used to support editorial cartooning, especially in those places where cartoonists are not free to work.

    05 Sep 2011
  • Spam, Spam, Spam

    Spam, Spam, Spam

    The scourge of the Internet has finally caught up with us: spam. No doubt some of you have noticed (and have been annoyed by) the growing number of comments over the past few weeks that have been promoting some or other online store. What's worse, because of our email alert system, these comments have also ended up in your inbox. We are taking steps to prevent spam, which we hope to implement in the next two weeks.

    01 Sep 2011
  • Jerry, the Haitian Banksy

    Jerry, the Haitian Banksy

    On the blog, we have posted an article about Haitian graffity artist Jerry Rosembert, whom we met whille we were in Haiti. Like his well-known fellow artist Banksy, Jerry uses public space to spread a message about the problems of society.

    31 Aug 2011
  • Comic about Cartooning for Peace

    Comic about Cartooning for Peace

    In June, Susie Cagle attended a conference of Cartooning for Peace in Bastia, Corsica. Cartooning for Peace was set up by French cartoonist Plantu and aims to promote cross-cultural understanding through editorial cartoons. Tomorrow Cartoon Movement runs the comic she created about her experiences here.

    30 Aug 2011
  • Cartoonist Attacked by Syrian Regime

    Cartoonist Attacked by Syrian Regime

    While the world's media focus is on Libya and the downfall of Gaddafi, let us not forget that editorial cartoonists elsewhere are struggling for freedom. Well-known Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was brutally attacked by masked men, who broke his hands (to stop him drawing) and left him on the road outside Damascus. A stark reminder of the dangers cartoonists can face, but also of how they are feared by oppressors.

    26 Aug 2011
  • Cartoon Movement on 7-Day Break

    Cartoon Movement on 7-Day Break

    After their adventures in Haiti, Cartoon Movement's editorial team is taking a well-deserved vacation. Because of this, Cartoon Movement will be 'closed' for a week, from August 19 until August 25. Of course the website and all the content will still be available, but no new cartoons will be published during this period. On Friday August 26 we'll be back to business as usual.

    19 Aug 2011
  • Truthout on Graphic Journalism

    Truthout on Graphic Journalism

    Independent news outlet Truthout has posted an article giving an overview of what's happening in the field of comics/graphic journalism. Titled 'Warning: This Article Contains Graphic Journalism', the article writes about the difficulties in finding a market for comics journalism, but also about the value of the visual message, and journalism as a form of art.

    17 Aug 2011
  • Comics Journalism: State of Palestine

    Comics Journalism: State of Palestine

    This Wednesday we'll publish a second piece by Sarah Glidden, who previously contributed to the Cartoon Movement with 'The Waiting Room'. On a recent trip to Israel and Palestine, Sarah met up with Khaled Jarrar, who blends art and activism by marking passports with a stamp of his own creation reading "State Of Palestine."

    14 Aug 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Amer M. Zohbi

    New Cartoonist: Amer M. Zohbi

    We have a new member from the Middle East joining our cartoonist community. Amer is originally from Syria, and he now works as editorial cartoonist for the first daily newspaper in Dubai, Albayan. He also lives in the United Arab Emirates.

    11 Aug 2011
  • Haiti Trip Ends, Project Starts

    Haiti Trip Ends, Project Starts

    The first part of the Haiti project (the trip itself) ended last week, and the traveling party has returned safely to San Francisco, Portland and Amsterdam respectively. So what's next? We have some cool things lined up, which you can read about in Haiti update no.7 on our blog.

    08 Aug 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Teddy Mombrun

    New Cartoonist: Teddy Mombrun

    We are very proud to welcome a second cartoonist from Haiti to Cartoon Movement. Teddy Keser Mombrun is the editorial cartoonist for Le Nouvelliste, the only daily newspaper in Haiti. Many Haitians know Teddy's work, because his cartoons are printed on the front page of the newspaper.

    02 Aug 2011
  • Haiti Update No. 6

    Haiti Update No. 6

    Cartoon Movement's editorial team has been in Haiti for three weeks, and we've just posted another update on the blog. Go read to find out about the Haitian godfather of editorial cartooning, the 6-hour visit of Martha Stewart, and the scourge of missionaries.

    29 Jul 2011
  • To Embed Or Not to Embed

    To Embed Or Not to Embed

    Two comic journalists, David Axe and Ted Rall, have both reported from Afghanistan multiple times–and in very different ways. Axe embeds with the military, while Rall travels on his own, studiously avoiding them. Cartoon Movement has published two opposing columns by the authors on the practice of embedded reporting. You can read Rall's here and Axe's here.

    27 Jul 2011