• This Wednesday: BOOM!

    This Wednesday: BOOM!

    Wednesday, July 20, we will publish "Boom!" by David Axe and Ryan Alexander-Tanner, a first hand account of an IED (Improvised Explosive Devise) attack Axe was in while embedded with the US Military in Afghanistan earlier this year.

    18 Jul 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Raphael Paquin

    New Cartoonist: Raphael Paquin

    Although our main mission in Haiti has to do with comics journalism, we're of course also scouting for Haitian cartoonists to join Cartoon Movement. And with success. We are very pleased to welcome Raphael Paquin, an illustrator and cartoonist from Pétion-Ville, to the network. If you want read more about our Haiti project, we just posted a new update on the blog.

    16 Jul 2011
  • Another update from Haiti

    Another update from Haiti

    We've posted a second update about our Haiti project on the blog. Go read it to find out more about the Haitian cartoonists scene, why Haiti might well be a paradise for libertarians, and to get to know the comic artist we're looking to hire to draw the comic on Haiti that will run on Cartoon Movement early 2012.

    13 Jul 2011
  • On the Blog: Haiti Project Update

    On the Blog: Haiti Project Update

    On the blog you can find our first update about the comics journalism project we are currently doing in Haiti. The challenges that people living here face have already made a lasting impression, but they make us all the more committed to make this project a success.

    11 Jul 2011
  • Start of the Haiti Project

    Start of the Haiti Project

    On July 6, Cartoon Movement's editorial team (Matt Bors and Tjeerd Royaards), joined by video journalist Caroline Bins, will be off to Haiti for a month-long comics journalism project. On the way, we will make a stop in Florida to attend the annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC). During the project, we'll be posting news, comics, and video's of our experiences, so keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

    04 Jul 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Rasha Mahdi

    New Cartoonist: Rasha Mahdi

    We're delighted to welcome Egyptian cartoonist Rasha Mahdi to our community. She has been called the first Egyptian female cartoonist. She also established the idea of creating an organization of women cartoonists from the Arab world. You can visit her website here, and see her first pitch for Cartoon Movement here.

    30 Jun 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Stamatis Papadimos

    New Cartoonist: Stamatis Papadimos

    Stamatis Papadimos is the second cartoonist from Greece to join us at Cartoon Movement. He is a freelance artists, as well as art director for two political and lifestyle magazines. Click here to see his work.

    27 Jun 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Donal Casey

    New Cartoonist: Donal Casey

    Donal Casey is a political cartoonist from Dublin, Ireland. He has done a lot of work for trade union publications in Ireland, in particular the magazine of the trade union Impact along with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Check out some of his cartoon pitches here.

    23 Jun 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Mehedi Haque

    New Cartoonist: Mehedi Haque

    The latest addition to our cartoonist community is Mehedi Haque from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been working as a political cartoonist for New Age, a daily newspaper, for 8 years. His great work will add another perspective to our ever-growing platform. You can see his first pitch for Cartoon Movement here.

    20 Jun 2011
  • Tomorrow: Interactive Comics Journalism

    Tomorrow: Interactive Comics Journalism

    The next piece of comics journalism to run on Cartoon Movement is by Dan Archer. It's an interactive timeline comic about the Blackwater shootings in Nisoor Square, Baghdad in 2007, where 17 Iraqi civilians were killed. The comic takes our slogan 'there more than one truth' to the next level, by showing several different perspectives on the incident pieced together from news reports and eyewitness testimony.

    05 Jun 2011
  • New Cartoonist: David Pugliese

    New Cartoonist: David Pugliese

    Our newest cartoonist hails from Buenos Aires in Argentina. David Pugliese is an illustrator, mainly using traditional materials and techniques. His stunning work has been published in Argentina and abroad, appearing in The Wittenburg Door (USA), Teína (Spain) and Reader´s Digest (Argentina), to name a few. Visit his website here.

    01 Jun 2011
  • Cartooning for Peace: Exhibition in Madrid

    Cartooning for Peace: Exhibition in Madrid

    The Institut Français in Madrid has organized an exhibition of more than 100 cartoons published in French and Spanish newspapers. The exhibition was organized by Cartooning for Peace, an initiative by legendary French cartoonist Plantu. Two of Cartoon Movement's cartoonists, KAP and Elchicotriste, are featured in the exhibition, which runs from May 24 until June 3.

    30 May 2011
  • New Cartoonist: John Kennedy

    New Cartoonist: John Kennedy

    We're very pleased to introduce Irish cartoonist John Kennedy as the newest member of the Cartoon Movement. His work has appeared in The Irish Herald, The Irish Sunday Mirror, and the Londonderry Sentinel, to name just a few. Over the years, John's experienced censorship and death threats because of his outspoken condemnation of Irish terrorists who were out to destroy a fragile peace process. We are looking forward to seeing his perspectives in the newsroom.

    25 May 2011
  • Book Presentation: Kids & Cartoonists

    Book Presentation: Kids & Cartoonists

    Last Thursday, the special project about the Millennium Development Goals was concluded in Amsterdam with the presentation of the book 'Kids & Cartoonists'. The project was a collaboration between 82 cartoonists and more than 200 students from high schools throughout the Netherlands. Together, they came up with over 300 ideas for cartoons about the environment, water, energy and human rights. From these, 98 cartoons were selected for this cartoon book, which will be used in schools to teach about the MDGs, and about the value of editorial cartooning.

    21 May 2011
  • Review: Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition

    Review: Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition

    On the blog, Matt Bors has written a review of Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition, one of the few (U.S.) publications that makes an effort to present an overview of the best editorial cartoons of the past year. He argues that 'book collections offer an attempt to capture the fleeting glory of daily editorial cartoons and have been notoriously spotty and of dubious necessity for as long as anyone has been printing them.' Go read the complete post.

    18 May 2011