• The Arab Election Tour 2011

    The Arab Election Tour 2011

    During the last month, we ran a special project that focused on the Tunisian elections. The outcome of the project: six cartoons that were published by Cartoon Movement and by RNW. (You can see all the submission that came in here.) The project was such a success that RNW has asked us to set up a similar project for the elections in Morocco on November 25. Once again, our cartoonists are coming up with some great cartoons.

    27 Oct 2011
  • Review: Green River Killer

    Review: Green River Killer

    On the blog: Sara Rosenbaum reviews the new nonfiction graphic novel 'Green River Killer'. The graphic memoir Jeff Jensen wrote about his father's quest for the Green River Killer - elegantly drawn by Jonathan Case - is subtitled A True Detective Story, but it's not a whodunnit. You can read the entire review here.

    25 Oct 2011
  • The Browse Cartoon Festival

    The Browse Cartoon Festival

    The Cartoon Movement will take part in The Browse Cartoon, Caricature and Comic Festival. The Festival opens on October 29 in Berlin (Kreuzberg), and runs until November 26. It includes cartoons by a number of our contributors, as well as cartoons by other renowned German and international artists. Should you find yourself in Berlin in the coming weeks, the Festival is well worth a visit.

    21 Oct 2011
  • New Cartoonist: Siham Zebiri

    New Cartoonist: Siham Zebiri

    We are very pleased to welcome another female cartoonist to our network. Siham Zebiri resides in Tindouf, Algeria. She has a bachelor's degree in Media & Press and her work has been published in many Arabic (local) and international newspapers and magazines. Her first pitches (for instance, about the upcoming elections in Tunisia) can be found in our newsroom.

    19 Oct 2011
  • Comics Journalism: Inside the Favelas

    Comics Journalism: Inside the Favelas

    This Wednesday we will publish a new piece of comics journalism by Augusto Paim, MauMau, and Robertson Frizero. The 12-page comic is titled 'Inside the Favelas' and explores the slums or favelas of Rio de Janeiro. In preparation of hosting the World Soccer Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Rio Janeiro is trying to clean up the favelas, which have been the arena of warring drug dealers for decades. How successful is this clean-up, and what is the current situation inside these areas?

    17 Oct 2011
  • Pay No Tribute?

    Pay No Tribute?

    It's probably no surprise that at Cartoon Movement we talk a lot about editorial cartoons. Although the editors agree on the importance of cartoons, they have different outlooks on what he role of a cartoon should be, and what constitutes a good cartoon. The death of Steve Jobs sparked the idea to use the occasion to write opposing columns about the role of tribute cartoons. Matt Bors is up first; the opposing column by Tjeerd Royaards will follow on Monday.

    13 Oct 2011
  • Cartoon Movement at Online EDUCA

    Cartoon Movement at Online EDUCA

    Cartoon Movement will be present at the 17th edition of Online EDUCA Berlin, one of the world's largest conferences in the field of education, and e-learning in particular . On Thursday December 1st we will give a presentation on our successful project 'kids & cartoonists', and show how our newsroom can be used as a digital classroom.

    10 Oct 2011
  • Toon-isia


    On the blog you can read more about the special project we're currently running in cooperation with Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) about the upcoming elections in Tunisia on October 23. RNW has developed a Vote Compass that maps the political landscape in Tunisia and helps Tunisian voters to decide how to cast their vote. The cartoons are used to promote the Vote Compass and to create awareness about the Tunisian elections. Read the full article here.

    07 Oct 2011
  • Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

    Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

    The passing of Steve Jobs doesn't go unnoticed in the world of editorial cartooning, and the number of tribute cartoons already made is staggering. Some of these have already made it to our newsroom, such as this one by Alexander Hoffman, and this one by Elena Ospina. We are curious to see what the contributions in our newsroom will be today. Most likely we will run a Steve Jobs cartoon tomorrow. Let us know which one you would like to see on our homepage by voting on your favorite.

    06 Oct 2011
  • A New Batch of Cartoonists

    A New Batch of Cartoonists

    We've had a number of new cartoonists joining us in the last few weeks. Instead of writing separate items, we thought it would be easier to introduce them all in one post. Our latest members hail from Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt and Spain. You can read more about them and see their work here.

    03 Oct 2011
  • Turkish Cartoonist Put on Trial for Renouncing God

    Turkish Cartoonist Put on Trial for Renouncing God

    Hürryet Daily News reports Turkish cartoonist Bahadır Baruter will be put on trial for a caricature he drew in which he renounced god. Baruter's caricature depicted an imam and believers praying in a mosque. One of the characters is talking to God on his cellphone and asking to be pardoned from the last part of the prayer because he has errands to run. Within the wall decorations of the mosque, Baruter hid the words, "There is no Allah, religion is a lie." Read the full article here.

    29 Sep 2011
  • New Cartoonist Duo: Cecigian

    New Cartoonist Duo: Cecigian

    We're pleased to welcome a cartoonist duo from Italy to the network. Gianlorenzo Ingrami and Cecilia Alessandrini have been collaborating on making cartoons since 2009, signing their work with 'Cecigian'. Their satire is an outlet for the anger about the injustices of the world, and an attempt to better understand reality. You can see their first published cartoon for Cartoon Movement here.

    26 Sep 2011
  • Cartoon Movement Puts the Spotlight Back on Haiti

    Cartoon Movement Puts the Spotlight Back on Haiti

    Editor & Publisher has published an article about the Haiti-project, based on an interview with Cartoon Movement's Matt Bors and Tjeerd Royaards: 'We wanted to come and tell the story of what it’s like rebuilding when most of the cameras have left and the aid money is dwindling.' In the second week of January 2012, we'll publish the first chapter of the 75-page comic that will be the end result of this project.

    22 Sep 2011
  • Behind The Scenes: Reporting On Crisis Pregnancy Centers

    Behind The Scenes: Reporting On Crisis Pregnancy Centers

    On the blog, Susie Cagle takes us behind the scenes of her comic 'What Every Woman Should Know', about crisis pregnancy centers that promote 'abortion alternatives'. Cagle: 'I think some people expected this story to reveal some sort of gory, appalling details, the blood beneath the floorboards. For me, this version of reality is much more scary -- false information delivered with a smile, affirmations of choice that hide aspirations to dissuade, prevent and sabotage.'

    19 Sep 2011
  • Review: 'The Big Lie'

    Review: 'The Big Lie'

    On our blog, comics journalism editor Matt Bors has written a review of 'The Big Lie', a comic by Rick Veitch about 9/11, from a Truther perspective. The plot is as follows: A scientist travels back in time ten years to save her husband, who works in the towers and died on 9/11. The story shows how the twin towers collapsed due to a planned explosion, instead of a terrorist attack by airplanes. Read the full review here.

    14 Sep 2011