• The Cost of Gas

    The Cost of Gas

    The Center for Investigative Reporting put together a video animation on the true cost of gasoline. The animation is a great example of how to mix journalism and graphics in an engaging way. You can watch it on our blog.

    01 Mar 2012
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Matteo Bertelli

    Behind-the-Scenes: Matteo Bertelli

    This week's edition of Behind-the-Scenes is again a video, featuring the work process of Italian artist Matteo Bertelli. Although Matteo uses graphic software to put the finishing touches on his work, 95% of the cartoon is made the traditional way, with pen, ink, brush and paint. Watch the video on the blog.

    13 Feb 2012
  • New Cartoonist: Ramses Morales Izquierdo

    New Cartoonist: Ramses Morales Izquierdo

    This week we welcome another cartoonist from Cuba. Graduated in 1996 in graphic arts at Art Academy of Trinidad, Ramses Morales Izqierdo currently works as a graphic artist at the Office of the Curator of Trinidad. His work is published in Juventud Rebelde, La Calle del Medio and La Locha.

    12 Feb 2012
  • Cartooning in Canada

    Cartooning in Canada

    Cartoonist J.J. McCullough has written a column about editorial cartooning in Canada: 'I don’t want to say Canadian editorial cartoonists are old, but at one of our recent gatherings someone literally had to leave early to tend to his 100-year-old mother.'. Go read the full column on our blog.

    09 Feb 2012
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Elena Ospina

    Behind-the-Scenes: Elena Ospina

    This series started out with the concept of simply having cartoonists make some photos and screenshots of how they work. It seems cartoonists never 'simply' do anything, and the bar continues to be raised. Elena Ospina made a professional-looking video of her work process, which is a mix of traditional drawing and digital coloring. Go watch it on the blog!

    07 Feb 2012
  • Army of God

    Army of God

    This month Cartoon Movement will begin serializing Army of God by David Axe and Tim Hamilton, a non-fiction graphic novel about the Lord's Resistance Army that has terrorized the Congo. The first chapter will go up on February 15. We have posted a preview on the blog.

    04 Feb 2012
  • New Cartoonists

    New Cartoonists

    One month into 2012, and more and more excellent artists continue to join the community. On the blog we introduce four new cartoonists: Ricardo Plástiko from Spain, Federico Ricciardi (Riko) from Italy, Faruk Sorayat from Turkey and Alexander Dubovsky from Ukraine.

    01 Feb 2012
  • Behind-the-Scenes: John Hilliard

    Behind-the-Scenes: John Hilliard

    In this week's Behind-the-Scenes we explore the work of U.S. artist John Hilliard with an audio slideshow. In his own words it's 'an exhaustive explanation of how I make comics. In less than three minutes. Alcohol and coffee are included.' If you want to see more Behind-the-Scenes, you can see them all here.

    30 Jan 2012
  • New Cartoonist: Alfredo Martirena

    New Cartoonist: Alfredo Martirena

    Alfredo Martirena is cartoonist from Santa Clara, Cuba. His work has been published in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States. To see his cartoons, visit his website or visit his profile page here at Cartoon Movement. We published his first cartoon, 'The Price of Progress', last week.

    28 Jan 2012
  • They Fear the Thruth, They Fear Cartoons

    They Fear the Thruth, They Fear Cartoons

    On the blog, we have posted an interview with the first political cartoonist from China to join Cartoon Movement. Crazy Crab (pen name) is the author of Hexie Farm (Crab Farm), a series of political cartoons depicting dictatorship, censorship, and propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party. Due to censorship, he publishes anonymously. In October 2011, the cartoon series was completely banned in mainland China. Read the full interview.

    24 Jan 2012
  • Cartoon Exhibition at the LSE

    Cartoon Exhibition at the LSE

    On January 23, a Cartoon Movement exhibition will open at the London School of Economics. The exhibition is titled Justice and Security: There is More Than One Truth, and features the work of many of our contributors. Opening speaker is Martin Rowson, editorial cartoonist for UK newspaper The Guardian. For more information on the exhibition, please visit our blog.

    19 Jan 2012
  • Animation: Romney Dishes it Out

    Animation: Romney Dishes it Out

    Zina Saunders is an artist from New York City that recently joined our community. She a cartoonist, editorial illustrator, and also makes short animations. This weekend we ran one of her cartoons about US presidential Republican contender Mitt Romney. On our blog we've posted the animation she made from this cartoon. You can see more of her animations here.

    17 Jan 2012
  • Video: Homophobia in Haiti

    Video: Homophobia in Haiti

    Video journalist Caroline Bins has made a video about the Haitian gay community, a group particularly impacted by the earthquake. The video incorporates animated illustrations by Matt Bors, and background illustrations by Chevelin Pierre. On the blog, you can read more about the choice for a combination of video and illustration, and see the video.

    12 Jan 2012
  • Haiti Week

    Haiti Week

    This week is Haiti week at Cartoon Movement. Today we have published the first installment of a 75-page long piece of comics journalism about life in Haiti, two years after the earthquake. Be sure to also check out our cartoon collection on Haiti, the short comic on Haiti and the foreign press, and the Haiti Sketchbook.

    11 Jan 2012
  • Six New Cartoonists

    Six New Cartoonists

    In the last month we have welcomed six new cartoonists to the community: John Hilliard and Dave Cherry from the United States, Manos Symeonakis from Greece, Simone Frosini from Italy, Emilio Agra from Venezuela, and Saad Murtadha from Iraq. On the blog we introduce them and their work to you.

    04 Jan 2012